Import Firefox Bookmarks into Ipad 2

Is there a simple way of importing bookmarks from Firefox running on a Windows computer into Safari on an iPad 2?

I would have thought it would be easy but I can't find anyway of doing it..
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
It's not all that easy.  You need to set up Firefox Sync and then use the Firefox Home App:
Swamish NaikExpertCommented:
Apples designed iTunes bookmark syncing to only work with Apple’s native Safari browser and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  If you are currently a Firefox user on your MAC or PC there is a work around solution. We anticipate an app in the near future that will make manual transfer of your Firefox bookmarks unnecessary.

Firefox allows you to export your bookmarks to a file. You can then import those bookmarks to Safari or Internet Explorer to Sync with your iPad.

Here are the step by step instructions

1. Launch Mozilla Firefox, and start the export procedure like so:

*Firefox 3 (Mac). Choose Bookmarks ¿ Organize Bookmarks to open the Library. Click the Import and Backup button, and then click Export HTML.

*Firefox 3 (Windows). Choose Bookmarks ¿ Organize Bookmarks (or press

Ctrl+Shift+B) to open the Library. Click the Import and Backup button, and then click Export HTML.

2. In the Export Bookmarks File dialog, choose a location for the file and click Save.

Firefox saves its bookmarks to a file named bookmarks.html.

3. Import the Firefox bookmarks file to your browser of choice:

*Safari. Choose File ¿ Import Bookmarks, locate and click the bookmarks.html file, and then click Import.

*Internet Explorer. In versions 8 and 7, press Alt+Z and then click Import and Export.

In the Import/Export Wizard, click Next, click Import Favorites, and then follow the wizard’s instructions to import the bookmarks.html file.

4. Connect your iPad to your computer. iTunes opens, connects to the iPad, and syncs the bookmarks, which now include your Firebox bookmarks.

With your iPad connected to the computer, go to iTunes and select your iPad under the Devices list. Go to the Info tab. Part way down you should see an option to sync BookMarks. Select it and see if it has an options to sync with IE. It should, but I won't guarantee it. I'm using a Mac. Sync.

alfaroAuthor Commented:
How do you connect an ipad to a pc? There doesn't seem a usb port or anything to link the 2 things..

Excuse my ignorance of all things Apple as I've only ever used a basic ipod to listen to podcasts in the past and now my wife wants her old bookmarks in her brand new iPad...

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alfaroAuthor Commented:
Looking at the Firefox Home app it seems to be primarily an iPhone app at least according to the reviews..
Swamish NaikExpertCommented:
Just use usb or buy .........
alfaroAuthor Commented:
Right I've exported the bookmarks and connected the ipad. I've started Safari but there is no toolbar and I can't seem to make it appear so as to be able to import the bookarks file.

How do I go about it?
alfaroAuthor Commented:
I've checked the Safari options in Settings and there doesn't seem to be any option to import bookmarks there. Does the iPad use a cut down browser or something?

Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
If you sign up for Xmarks Premium service at $1 per month it will synchronise your Bookmarks from any computer(s) to your iPad. The free version of Xmarks syncs the most popular browsers between Windows, Mac and Linux between but for iPhone and iPad you need to cough up $1 per month.

As a bonus I think you also get LastPass password manager.

Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:

There's a 14 day free trial for Xmarks Premium.

Even if you're not willing to pay, Xmarks free is an excellent service.
alfaroAuthor Commented:
It doesn't seem to be available for safari on an iPad..
alfaroAuthor Commented:
I still haven't been able to find a way of importing bookmarks onto an iPad without another Apple computer so I am going to close this question unless anybody has any other solutions..

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alfaroAuthor Commented:
No solution worked..
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