Where can I download an ISO or Files for Drivers/Firmware update on Sun Fire x4600 with having to register contact information or have a CSI number?

I am not familiar with Sun Microsystems servers at all but I need to rebuild one with Windows Server 2008, coming from 2003. I would like to make sure that all drivers and firmware are up to date on it before handing it over to the application owner.

I've been searching online for a download for something similar to what HP has in SmartStart but can't find anything. I've searched for drivers and firmware in general and even registered on Oracle support website but it asks for a CSI number to continue to the download area.

Does anyone know where I can find this information to download or better yet does anyone have an ISO I can download from? Thank in advance!
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
The Sun Fire x4600 is still listed as a current product by Oracle (who bought Sun) that can run Windows Server 2008.


But since it is an industrial strength server, it may be difficult finding anything for it for free.
I too am not familiar with Sun Microsystems.  I always thought they had a different typ of processor so were not coptible with the Windows Intel'/AMD needs.
Just about impossible to get Sun downloads from 'my oracle support', I had to get one of our customers to put me on their list of contacts before I could download diagnostics.
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