restore folder shares and permissions from systemstate

Good afternoon,
I have an HP Proliant DL380 G4 running Server 2003 (lets call it Server 1) that I want to make sure backups are working on.
I have a new server HP Proliant DL380 G6 (call it server 2) that I want to test the backups from server 1 on and make sure a new file server could be brought up and the same in case of an emergency.  I want the complete file and folder sturcture, Shares and folder permissions indentical.  
I have installed Server 2003 SP2 on Server 2 to match server 1 exactly.  
A 3rd party restores the files and folders to Server 2 for me and the Systemstate.bfk file from Server 1 to Server 2.
So on server 2 all the files and folder have been brought over but Shares have not carried over or all the file and folder permissions are not there.  I'm guessing all of this data is somewhere when you restore the Systemstate.bfk file.  I tried to do a systemstate restore and it copied EVERYTHING and when i tried to boot into the server 2 then all the hardware was prompting me for drivers, it brought over the domain, hostname, and everything.  Is there a way to pick and choose just the share information and file and folder permissions?  If so I had a hard time finding them in NTBACKUP > restoring the .bfk file and even looked under advanced settings.
If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
Thank you,
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The system state restore will put the shares back (and their permissions) but the data restore is what holds the local (NTFS) permissions.

When you do a restore using NTBackup, there should be a checkbox to restore permissions as well.
nscitAuthor Commented:

A couple of things:

One, how do I perform the system restore in such a way where my new server that has completely different hardware won't be crippled because when I tried it once the systemstate restore brought over everything and was prompting me for drivers and everything.  What choice do I choose when i restore the systemstate to keep the clean OS I installed but bring over the shares (and their permissions) and other important things?  If you do a COMPLETE system restore do both the old and the new servers have to have identical hardware?  I don't have identical hardware so I'm not sure what to do.

Two, the third party that restores our backups from offside uses Avamar and that will just dump the folders back in to where I tell them so I told them the new server and they were all repopulated in the identical folder structure but they don't seem to have the NTFS permissions once brought back.  They also dump the systemstate.bkf file in a location on the new server I tell them.  So I can't pull NTFS permissions out of the system state file?  Is this something I need to tell them that needs to be carried over on their end when they bring the folders over?

Thank you again very much.
Answer to One: You don't. System restores are all or nothing. I'd recommend doing a test restore to a virtual machine and see how much it works. If it ends up bootable, export the registry key for shares. shows you how.

Answer to Two: If the NTFS permissions weren't captured with the file level backup, I suspect they're gone. It's worth asking Avamar if they can restore permissions, too.

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nscitAuthor Commented:
In regards to #1 when I walk through the system state restore you can "restore to original location" or "choose a folder".  If I choose original location I then have 3 choices:
- Leave existing files (recommended)
- Replace existing files if they are older than the backup files
- Replace existing files
Please bear with me on this.  Since these servers are completely different HARDWARE-WISE a full system restore REPLACING EXISTING FILES seems to make the new server go crazy because it brings over drivers and other things the new server doesn't need so that is not a good choice.  My thought is to use LEAVE EXISTING FILES then maybe it will keep the clean new server that I setup but only bring over the shares and other crucial things?  Or do you still think it's an all or none.  I guess I am just curious how people bring up a new server if the old one completely failed and you have backups.  Chances are that you aren't going to have the IDENTICAL hardware you did on your server that failed so how to SYSTEM RESTORES work on different hardware?

Thank you again for any help.
nscitAuthor Commented:
Wish I could have been walked through it just a little more.
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