Does this mean ksh is installed

Does this mean ksh is installed

$ rpm -qa | grep ksh

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(I know this seems a bit of an odd question, but I have to ask for verification purposes
Los Angeles1Asked:
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Jerry MillerCommented:
I think so, but you can check all available shell commands on your system with the
$ cat /etc/shells command. See the number 4 example on this page.
Yes, ksh is installed.

Verify this by checking the contents of the package:

rpm -ql ksh-20100202-1.el5_5.1

Among all the displayed files you should see "/bin/ksh" (and/or maybe "/usr/bin/ksh") - This is the ksh binary.

You can also just start /bin/ksh, then press <Ctrl><V>. The ksh version string should appear.

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rpm and Ctrl-V are good answers.

"which ksh" or "whence ksh" will show which "ksh" is found in $PATH
"ls -ld /bin/ksh" may reveal that  bash or pdksh, etc, is linked to appear as /bin/ksh

Versions:  2 possible ksh versions:  88, 93
1988  is the widely-used version on AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX.
Ksh 93 is sometimes found on Linux installs and on SCO Unix.
A short list of ksh88 syntax doesn't work the same way when run by ksh93.
$ rpm -qa | grep ksh

This is indeed official, genuin "ksh 1993", David Korn's much-improved version of "ksh 1988",

Unfortunately ksh88 is far more popular in enterprise Unix, and a very small percentage of
ksh88 syntax works differently in ksh93.
Just beware of using scripts written to run on ksh88.
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