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We are attempting to sync brand new Android Bionic with our company address book.  We run Lotus Notes.  The company address book contains our customers, vendors and the company employees.  For some reason, after syncing, the Droid puts all of the company contacts under one individual's name.  This renders the Droid virtually useless for the user in making a call and receiving a call as all calls from anyone in the company come up as this one contact with all of the subcontacts under it.  I've read a few things regarding Droid's problems with only being able to sort contacts by first name.  Do you think this has anything to do with this issue?  We have wiped the Droid and the contacts out three times, leaving out the culprit contact that acquired all of the subcontacts and it just chooses someone else to list them under.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
The VERY BEST way is to use Lotus Notes Traveler, see:

No buy, just try, it's free.
The BEST way to sync a Droid phone is via a Google account...

That said, you can IMPORT any address book into a Google account via a standard CSV file generated by most client software...

When importing the data to the Google account, it will automatically generate fields for each column in the CSV as indicated by the headers in the first row of the CSV file...

I do not use Lotus Notes any longer, so I cannot help with generating the exported CSV file from it, but it should be able to export to one failrly easily!
PS: Another option is third-party sync software like Companion Link...
(They have a free trial, so you can try before you buy!)
Hans Holt, Ph.D.Senior System ConsultantCommented:
Traveler is the correct choise.

You may have to upgrade to newest versions of Domino to get support for newest devises - iPhone, Android and WinPhone
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
We are using Traveler. The synchronization works just fine. We're getting email, calendar and contacts. The problem is with the way the Droid lists some of the contacts. It lists hundreds of contacts as subcontracts of one. As I initially said, the subcontracts are all related in that they are all employees of one company. I looked for commonalities and the only thing I see thr same between them is thr company fax number.
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