SBS 2003 to 2011 forced demote problems

I have recently migrated from SBS 2003 to 2011. Had I seen this day, I would have done a clean install and manual account migration for sure!!

In any case, due some hickups I ended up with USN Rollback and from that point on I was on my own to finish the rest of the migration manually. I reviewed all the information I could find and it seemed like there was a way of demoting my old server and cleaning up the forest on the new server manually and cleaning up DNS, GPOs, etc. which I followed. (Source 1, Source 2) I also uninstalled Exchange 2003 before demoting.

But it seems like that was not enough, my new SBS 2011 is showing to be in a very unstable state. At certain hours in the day I start getting numerous errors logged, the ones related to AD are Evend ID 4 Source: Security-Kerberos (3 or 4 of these for some computer accounts), each followed by 10 to 15 DCOM errors (Event ID 10009 Source: DistributedCOM) for other computer accounts in the AD. According to this KB ( I have to remove the computer accounts from the old forest, but the problem is I don't see any computer accounts that are not in use! And sometimes a whole bunch of other DCOM errors (Event ID: 10016 Source: DistributedCOM).

On the Exchange sides the only issue is that the old "First Administrative Group" is still sitting somewhere, but I don't know where, in fact when I run the EXBPA I get a "Site Folder Deleted" error that points me to this KB ( which indicated the resolution to be the deletion of the group from ADSI Edit. But amazingly enough I don't even see the "CN=Services" sub-tree in there!! (See Attached Image).

2 days ago, I ran some Windows Updates on the SBS 2011, including one for Microsoft Office SharePoint Foundation 2010 (KB 2494001) that required me to run a script afterwards. Ever since that update SBS reboots itself twice a day (8 or 9 am and 7 pm) after some "critical" SharePoint Foundation errors (Event ID: 6398 and 3760) appear in the log. At first it seemed like it was it was the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) which I disabled following this KB (, but it is still happening.

I am almost ready to roll out a clean install of SBS 2011 and just migrate everything manually, but wanted to see if anyone has experienced and possibly survived a similar situation!

I should note that besides the reboots, everything from the user's perspective works fine.

 ADSI Snapshot
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here's a link that helped me solve the same sharepoint issues

AS for your other errors, try disabling IPv6 if you are not using it on your network

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iman98Author Commented:
The first linked helped a lot, thank you. Now if I can resolve the Exchange server issue, I can keep things running smoothly!
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