2 way domain trust problem

I'm trying to do a 2-way domain trust relationship however its not working correctly.  The validate part  of the properites of the trust says everything is fine but when I  run dcdiag from either domain is fails at
[DCA-VDI-DC1] Does not have downlevel trust object for
         [DCA-VDI-DC1] Does not have uplevel trust object for
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casitAuthor Commented:
fixed this by myself by deleting the trust, and re-establishing.
Have you looked into this article?

casitAuthor Commented:
yes and it really doesn't talk about much of anything...
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casitAuthor Commented:
C:\Users\Administrator>nltest /domain_trusts
List of domain trusts:
    0: NETWORTH networth.local (NT 5) (Direct Outbound) (Direct Inbound) ( Attr:
 quarantined )
    1: NETWORTH-VDI networth-vdi.local (NT 5) (Forest Tree Root) (Primary Domain
) (Native)
The command completed successfully
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Raise the domain finctional level to 2008 and forest functional level to atleast 2003 or 2008 then this should work.Also worth to check the allow zone transfer is enabled.
casitAuthor Commented:
done and done.
still no worky.
casitAuthor Commented:
Fixed it myself.
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