Color matching question.

I want to match the colors in an excel spreadsheet to the orange lettering, and the red and green background exactly as shown in this screenshot  Assistance in determining which values to use is greatly appreciated.
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Yellow: R255 / G204 / B0 / #FFCC00
Dark Red: R61 / G10 / B10 / #3D0A0A
Dark Green: R10 / G61 / B10 / #0A3D0A

determined using the color picker in microsoft paint
Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

It's hard to tell the exact colors of the yellow and orange, because they occur in text only and there's a lot of anti-aliasing involved.

the orange in the text "free download" is mainly RGB R:254 G:95 B:39
the yellow in the text "Order Entry" is mainly  R:255 G:220 B:0

The dark red is R:61 G:10 B:10
The dark green is R:10 G:61 B:10

Get a picture editor with a color selector tool, take a screenshot and inspect the colors.

cheers, teylyn
rtod2Author Commented:
Thank you sir!  I did not know there was a color picker in MS Paint.  That is fantastic!
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