Data Type Conversion Error with Empty String

I would like to delete the value of a Number field (ExerciseID) for a selected group of records in code. In the following code the ExerciseID is Number field. I get the following error when run the code: "Run Time Error: Data Type Conversion Error."

Set db = CurrentDb
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM qryTemplateDetail WHERE (((qryTemplateDetail.TemplateID)=" & ID & "));"

Set rstDelete = db.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
If IsNull(Me.frmTemplateDetailSub!TemplateID) Then
    DisplayMessage ("There are no records to delete.")
    Exit Sub
    Do While Not rstDelete.EOF
       With rstDelete
            !ExerciseID = ""
       End With
End If

If I change the "" to Null, (ie. !ExerciseID = Null), during the next sequence of code I get the following error: "You tried to assign the Null variable that is not a Variant data type."

Is there a way around this? Could I change the Number data type to a Variant on the fly? Thanks.
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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
Why not just use an UPDATE query?

strSQL = "UPDATE qryTemplateDetail SET ExerciseID = Null WHERE TemplateID = " & ID & "

DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL

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On the face of it, this looks like far too much work for such a simple objective.

I don't know, of course, what complexity may be hidden in the query qryTemplateDetail .
But all it looks like is a case of a simple update query..

Update sometable set ExerciseID = Null where templateid = ID

but also  I can't see where you are getting the value of ID from.

As for the error, we would need to know about the definition of ExerciseID to make sure it is not a required field and not a primary key
skennellyAuthor Commented:
I will try the update query and let you know. Thanks.
skennellyAuthor Commented:
Partial solution
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
How is it partial?

Is there something missing or incorrect?
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