is it possible to control the transfer rate for different user in a WLAN

hello all,

someone asks me about a question which i don't know the answer, so i ask experts here.

the question is:

if one has a hub and Internet access, there are 3 computer connected to the hub per wireless.

is it possible that he does something to let each computer has different transfer rate?

if yes, how could people find out that the thing goes wrong? I only know that if we let mouse over the wireless-icon fly, we could see the transfer rate like 36,0 MBit/s etc.

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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Yes it is possible to restrict Internet bandwidth based on Mac or ip or all kinds of things. This is called bandwidth management or load balancing.

That transfer rate is just the speed from your computer to the router based on signal strength. For a "g" connection the max is 54. So you have a slightly weak signal for whatever reason. However the actual Internet connection is probably much slower anyway so it doesn't really matter.
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