SBS 2008 Redirected Folder Permissions

I got folder redirection working for my users after manually creating the user folders and configuring each user to have access to their folder.  The problem I am currently having is that I am currently logged into the machine as a domain admin but i don't have access to any of the files or folders that were redirected to the server.  When the windows 7 machine moved the files to the server they did not inherit the permissions of the parent folder.  The only permissions that were granted were system and the user itself.  When I try to take ownership or change the permissions I am getting an access denied message.  My biggest concern is that I won't be able to backup files using Norton Backup Exec 2010.  Can someone help me with getting these permissions squared away.

I was able to move the file to another location which prompted me to tell me that I would need administrative permissions to do so.  After moving the files to another location I deleted the files that were there and copied the files back in.  This seems to have corrected the permissions but I really shouldn't have to do this.
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Do you have UAC turned on?  some people may consider it to not be best practice to turn it off, but I do find that it interfere's with Backup Exec.  
kmcbreartyAuthor Commented:
Yes, I do have it turned on I can go ahead and turn it off.  I personally think it creates more problems then it solves.  

I don't know that this is my issue with the security permissions though.  Since my last post I was able to determine that new files that are created are inheriting the permissions correctly.  For some reason when the existing files are moved from the machine to the server they are not inheriting the permissions.  If I have to fix each user the first time I will but I think that this might create problems for me come Monday when they login and I won't be in a position to help them.
Out of the box, Admins don't have permissions to redirected folders. The backup should use a backup account, which has specific permissions to permit access to all files. Redirected folders usually don't inherit permissions from the root, they are created with only sufficient permissions for the user to access them.

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kmcbreartyAuthor Commented:
Except the files that were being moved to the server for some reason didn't have any permissions associated with them.  This included the user account that created them.  While the user could view the files they did not have modify permissions and when I went into the file permissions they were not specifically listed on the files.  Also, there is no backup account that is listed under the permissions unless the backup account is an implied account that is specifically listed.
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