Data Recovery For NetGear 2100 Ready Nas

Hey Everyone,

We had someone delete all the luns off the Readnas we need to recovery them.

I am trying use rstudio to recover them.

Here are the settings we need.
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Best option:

Restore the data from a backup.

2nd best option:

Should for some reason the backup be no good, send them to a recovery agency. Gillware is probably one of the best and lest expensive:

3rd and least best option, as success is very unlikely and a lot of time wasted:

Try recovering it using Linux. As far as I know these NAS don't use any Windows file-system, so running software like rstudio will probably not work. You might have a slightly better chance using linux, but also there chances are low, as I don't think they use a file-system that is known by linux, but rather it is probably a legacy file-system. There may be some command line tools in linux though that might help, but first you'd have to be able to get the array setup without breaking it, which is another big hurdle, and then learn how to use those command line tools.
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