Reports from SQL server not running, Cannot read Error: 802, Severity: 17, State: 20. (Params:). The error is printed in terse mode because there was error during formatting. Tracing, ETW, notificatio

I  have a standard report that  runs every quarter that extracts data from the SQL Server and drops it into a Word document.

This should run automatically for each of our clients at the end of every quarter.  This time around the reports haven’t run.

I’ve manually tried to run these reports (we have a link on our  Intranet site) and when I do I get an error message, see below.  

I thought it might be worth trying running the reports directly off the server (rather than locally) and I get this error:

"An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Cannot read the next data row for the dataset MovementsSummary. (rsErrorReadingNextDataRow)
Error: 802, Severity: 17, State: 20. (Params:). The error is printed in terse mode because there was error during formatting. Tracing, ETW, notifications etc are skipped."

The server has been re-booted and all services re-stared successfully.

I am ansure what might of changed, looking onling I see that it might be memory related.  The running specifications are:

W2008 R2
Running on Hyper -V
6GB Ram dynamically upto 10GB
No drive space issues

The error logs show nothing regarding this, could anyone point me in the right dirtection in troubleshooting this, SQL is not my stong point :-(



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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

This suggests, all other things being equal, that there is a problem with some of the data on the database.

Given the number of layers between your report and the data in SQL, I'd run SQL profiler to try and grab the actual sql that is being executed. Then follow that lead - ie execute the sql in SSMS.

For time it might pay to hire a SQL professional ... How much leeway can you get on delivery of these reports?

Ashok KumarCommented:
- Do systematic debugging.

1. Separate the queries contained in the reports, and run them one by one through Sql Query analyzer.
      - You can eliminate, performance errors, memory errors, or column name changes, or if there exist
          smaller data length in transactions tables

2. if there exist no error in step 1, run the report in reports designer,

3. if it still works, Remove exporting of data to word, instead set-up reports for pdf Subscription / Excel subscription, and run the report. eventually you if there exist any problem with data you will find it on excel sheet export.
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