Adding User To AD Does Not Create Exchange Mailbox

Good Afternoon -

Even thought very familier with many server apps, I don't have much experience with Exchange.  Currently, I'm trying to resolve a couple of issues for a customer who's using Windows SBS 2003 (Exchange 2003) and have a couple of issues I need help with.  I was going to create 2 questions, but thought I'd just put them in one.

When I create a new AD user, I am prompted for which Exchange store to add their mailbox to, but it is never created.  I know that sometimes it takes a while, but it's been 48 hours.  I even went as far as opening an existing user in AD and comparing their settings to the new user.  They all match - even the new user's store is listed (SERVER/First Storage Group/Mailbox Store (SERVER)) - but in System Manager there is nothing listed for the user under Mailboxes (yes, there's only one store.)

Also - I've tried creating users when signed in as my admin user as well as the domain admin.  Both have same permissions anyways.

Any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks!
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Shivkumar SharmaConnect With a Mentor Operations Delivery ManagerCommented:
Its simple you have to send an email to that new created user once for its mailbox to be created
Glen KnightCommented:
You need to create the users using Server Management snap-in with SBS otherwise it will not complete all the required tasks.

Restarting the Recipient Uodate service may help in this scenario.
Hi,May be RSG(Recovery storage Storage) is also in mounted state.Please check it and dismount the RSG  and try to create the new user.
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Shivkumar SharmaOperations Delivery ManagerCommented:
I faced this and so I am telling Its very simple you have to send an email to that new created user once for its mailbox to be created
BzowKAuthor Commented:
Thanks -

Just tried to send an email to the user.Unfortunatly, I received the bounceback below:

173.162.x.x does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 No mail accepted from China Giving up on 173.162.x.x.

By the way...  I have another question open about Exchange for a different issue here.

Any Ideas?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You need to have a read of the following MS article:
BzowKAuthor Commented:
Okay -

After being asked to review the article: - I have the below info...

I enabled logging and have some results, but don't really know where to go from there.  Below is a paste of two of the event logs I copied. The domain does appear - i just changed it for security.  Also - there were two receipient update services.  Once for the domain and one for enterprise.  Is there supposed to be two (screenshot)

Event: 8011

Searching directory at base 'DC=domain,DC=com' using filter '(&(USNChanged>=553132)(uSNChanged<=553131)((objectclass=*)))' and requesting attributes distinguishedName; objectGUID; LegacyExchangeDN; msExchADCGlobalNames; ObjectSID; ObjectClass; objectCategory; displayName; msExchHideFromAddressLists; hideDLMembership; ntsecuritydescriptor; showInAdvancedViewOnly; msExchALObjectVersion; showInAddressBook; msExchPolicyEnabled; givenName; sn; cn; mailNickname; targetAddress; initials; proxyAddresses; mail; textEncodedORAddress; msExchHomeServerName; msExchExpansionServerName; msExchCustomProxyAddresses; msExchPoliciesIncluded; msExchPoliciesExcluded; replPropertyMetaData; replicatedObjectVersion; ReplicationSignature; WhenChanged; WhenCreated; USNchanged; USNcreated; ObjectVersion; isDeleted; homeMDB; homeMTA; msExchMailboxGuid; msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor; msExchResourceGUID; UserAccountControl; msExchUserAccountControl.  

Event: 8012

Search of directory at base 'CN=System Policies,CN=Domain,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=Domain,DC=com' returned 0 objects.  

What do you suggest?  Thanks
BzowKAuthor Commented:
Forgot screenshot
Shivkumar SharmaOperations Delivery ManagerCommented:
OK Alan , Thank you for informing me, However just to let you know I was not asking for feedback but was asking for an uodate on their Question as to where it stands now , I shall refrain from it now onwards
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