Excel Office Pro 2007 Dropbox Workbook Open/Close Error

I have 2 Workbooks located in the same Dropbox folder. One of the Workbooks has a VPA program with an Open Event. In the Open Event, the VPA program can neither Open/Close the 2nd Workbook nor address the Workbook Sheets in commands. Since the Workbooks are located in a DropBox folder, they cannot be addressed like non-DropBox Workbooks (e.g., C:\users\valued customer\DropBox). I have no problem addressing Sheets in the Workbook that contains the VPA program.
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Perhaps someone has a more appropriate solution, but a (not so pretty) alternative may be to relocate the file to a non-dropbox folder, then create a hardlink to it in the folder linked to your dropbox.

I am not sure if that will work, but theoretically it should assuming the dropbox folder is located on the same hard drive as the folder with the original, and we are not talking about trying to do this over a network.
Also, I would (of course) inspect the file's permissions before and after placing into dropbox to investigate any potential discrepencies that may provide other clues to the strange behavior.
Try reallocating the dropbox folder to a shorter address name, like c:\dropbox\

Maybe, there is into a folder on my documents or user's folder.

I use dropbox, and use to build macros with vb for excel, and still works flawlessly on dropbox.

Please try,
I hope this help you.

jdsorrellAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not replying. I did not notice the Expert answers. The solution to the problem is the following Excel VBA command:

Workbooks.Open (ThisWorkbook.Path & Application.PathSeparator & "Attendance TablesM.xlsm")

It allows all PCs using DropBox to Open the file.



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jdsorrellAuthor Commented:
It is the only posted solution to the problem
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