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Hi i know may be my request a little strange but i did not find any one can help me except this great site i need advice from an experts to help me so i can design and implement  my career :)
im working in big company as system administrator from 3 years and we have 3 sites and the following applications :  ActiveDirectory,Exchange,SCCM,SCOM,DPM,SCVMM,GFI,Networker(EMC),
and im really confused because till now i know all this products but only overview like how to manage basic and how to install now my question i don,t know if it,s not good in my career to know all this and i should focus in one or two things ,or it,s better to know all this things and no need to go in details for each one ?? please help me to know what is the best i have to do to improve my life career .... thank you...
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Glen KnightCommented:
You could argue that to be proficient in Exchange you need to have a good understanding of Active Directirt.  There are however lots of Exchange Experts.

SCCM is a good product but I'm not sure how well it is being adopted by large organisations so may be a waste of time specialising.

DPM is here to stay but probably isn't big enough to specialise in as there is already other well established backup products.

Your best bet is to stay with what you have and learn more in depth for those technologies to increase your overall knowledge and therefore value to your current and prospective employee.  Or indeed as a consultant/small business on your own.

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it-qatarAuthor Commented:
Thank you demazter waiting more opinions ...
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
As demazter says, you need to know AD to truly know the rest (Esp exchange). I would get your self on a certification path that starts with Active Directory.

As for SCCM, i know of several installations where it is being fully utilized in sites of 5-7,000 computers. IF you know SCCM inside out and bac-to-front then you are a valuable resource.

DPM? Yes I use it but as said, not something worth specialising in as it is a small install base.

Good luck and remember, you can never stop learning in IS/IT :D
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

you will get all of this tools in one product named system center 2012 family edition in march /april from microsoft ...its more likey .

your system center product line ..
as for your career goes ,
i have have been working from windows 3.1 back from 1990's ,

and i simply suggesst , darwaning thing is happening with windows administration...

from your productline ........
and your experice ....

you missing one thing among allproducts that comon to all products ...

2.server core ...

invest your career on them ....
you will not get disappointed with ....metro UI styles either ..

thanks and good luck
Instead of trying to tailor based on what you are currently doing, let me ask you what drives you at work?
What tasks in your position do you enjoy doing?
Is your outlook limited to windows based platforms?
A call comes in saying application x is not working, malfunctioning; what do you do? What is your first thought on an approach to the issue?
This could also be applied to a server not being responsive.
If you would like to go in technical directions or as windows administrator you should.  These are tools to manage windows 2008 domain environment.
it-qatarAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your great ideas .... just i need some help if you can provide me some documents can help me with active directory because im working  with active directory from 2 years but i don,t think i have all what i need in active directory .....
GMPC for group policy.
Not sure what you are looking for.  There are organizational units where you can organize the Users/Computers.
There is a white paper on various best practices.
So could you narrow down what you are looking for rather than have links posted to everything you can find with a simple search?
it-qatarAuthor Commented:
im looking for the deep details for Active Directory not the basic .... i mean like how to use ntdsutility and the other tools for active directory
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
I can divide it in groups/sets

ActiveDirectory Big enough for its own group, everyone needs to know it well. But doing ntdsutil is not an everyday job.

Exchange, GFI . Messaging team


Networker(EMC), Netbackup, DPM : Backup team.

SCVMM, Netapp : Visualization team

SCOM does not belong in a single team.

In a small company they all maybe same but as your organization grows larger then you will have issues. People may ask you to

Delete a certain message from all mailboxes.
Restore from May 2011
Create and push a package to all Accounts PC.

You may be able to do all of these tasks but it is very hard to just do it without too many errors and looking at lots of stuff.

SCCM 2007 -> 2012
Exchange 2007->2010
Win 2008-R2
Windows Vista-7

These and other changes will not allow anyone to pick all the finer points easily. You really need to pick your interests.

it-qatarAuthor Commented:
My problem that im doing all this my self for 3 sites this why i want to focus in one thing and the other i can take care for basic management

 i would may try to get your focus on the one subject where in you can go in depth:
rest you can manage as you say on your own ....

but ,each has got its own specific depths of study :

your topic :                       central focus :

Actice directory               ida solution : - products integration taking place --your system center line up ...
                                        Exchangeline including  2010 ,SCCM,SCOM,DPM,SCVMM all need directory of  
                                         of some sort -Active directory knw how helps...
you said 2 years on  you dont understand what ad is ....
.directory servies like active directory ...are now getting to ....
             1.server core .---- its different from Win min but is a minimislistic windows ....
             2.powershell --for management and soon on ....
Douements : you need --
1.technet ---good one ... if you gone through it you are next mvp ..in active directory ..
2.any ms press book: Active directory ,depends on os you want 2 administer ,
it contains : 1200 pages : worth 2 years -4 years experaince of the author ---- focus on it -----you will become master in 6 months .... my 17 years experaince says that ...
tip: dont forget 2 use the cd that cometh with book ...its really woth it .. those guys put some effort in preparing it ..
3.ldap: if you got time just spend some time going through ldap .....its icing on cake..
4.70-642 -- networking services--- dns ,dhcp,rouitng ,newtork protocols .....documents .....

thinline: if you want to scale up or down ...you do it through nework ..... so 642 is code line ....

5. ms viisio : I hope you alredy getting some mind maps on your head ...i guess you understand ..why you need it ....

now as for your manging others : i.e basic mangement ....

 ,Exchange                     messagging solution:  its a specialization --
                                       only focus on 2010 new features ,
                                        alot has changed , from exchange 5.5 -2010 ... mailboex migration, and so on        
                                        take precious man hours ..... spend your time at your own expense ...
                                       it depends up on you..... can you multitask...heavily ..its heavy workout ....
this is team job ....and is RBAC is what you need to go through ..check your role ... and nike it ..just do it.  only it ..... thats basic work ...... working to your role ....

thin line : this apps come in different versions and add features with each version ....you only learn the features which your organization uses as of on the instant and .these features change with time .....
thinline --- walk with time line get basic mangement of these apps .....

"its really small world in your hand , but a lot of apps to use " 
tip: go mobile , split in to teams :

as specified above:

for example ;
scvvm --for mangement solution -----  physical or virtual .... infratructure ....
.virtualization is only an 10% of what scvmm 2012 is capable of doing ...
its alot more that that ...
thin line ---" Hyper -V takes to Virtuali, But "V" are not hyper "

focus on your role ....

some emc guys tech know helps ....they are still on a journey ....trace route them its helps ....to follow then ..at last moment  you will not get disappointed .....


last note :

if all the above thing means alot and a mess:
and my advice seems crap ...

focus on 2 things:

  1.server core

 I re iterate ...... "you will  not miss metro UI either "


My suggestion is to keep learning and doing. It is unclear if your entire time in IT has been 3 years, or it is just 3 years at your current employer. To become an IT guru takes many many years of experience and learning.

I suggest that you pick something that interests you and you can work directly with. If you only study something without actively using it you won't actually learn the technology in any useful way.

The System Center Products are pretty specialized, with Operations Manager and Configuration Manager most likely to only be found in larger organizations. I see that as a very valuable skillset, but there are fewer companies that are willing/able to pay for it. Larger companies seem to go for depth of experience and specialists, where smaller companies hire generalists that work with more of the different technologies.  Position yourself for whatever you prefer - generalize or specialize.  
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
You should have enough information to make a decision. Further answers are unlikely to add much.

However, I would like to suggest a book

Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 ISBN-10: 0470532866 | ISBN-13: 978-0470532867 .

This would help a lot in the generalist type jobs.
it-qatarAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much it was very helpful to ask experts ... i think i will give my self some time to learn more about this products..
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