Creating an Interactive eBook

I need some general advice on how I would go about creating an interactive eBook.

This will not be a complete eBook, but will only be 2-3 chapters, with table of content, multimedia content, chapter summaries, video, audio, animations, etc.

I have all the content in PDF/DOC format, and I know I will need to convert it to some other format.

Can someone just provide a brief overview of how this can be accomplished?
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Trying_to_LearnAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention, I am using Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, and building a mobile flex project.

I will need to develop many other interactive features to demonstrate how a prototype would work, such as searching, cross-referencing, adding comments, filtering, bookmarking, viewing videos, audios, taking/attaching a picture, viewing animations, pop-up quizzes (Multiple choice/True.False Questions, etc)

Would appreciate any other relevant information available so I can start in the direction direction :)
From a quick search on internet it seems that most people believe Adobe InDesign to be the way to go.
See the following links:

Unluckily Adobe InDesign is rather expensive as well - but there is a 30 Trial version.
You can download that here:

Also have a read of this, for more information about other interactive e-book making systems:

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Trying_to_LearnAuthor Commented:
ok so looks like I can get my hands on InDesign.

I had a brief look at it and it looks good, now I only have 2 concerns

1) The functionality I outlined earlier, does it support developing those functionality?
2) After creating the ebook using InDesign, will I be able to integrate it in my flash builder mobile project? v4.6?
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It can support all of the following "with table of content, multimedia content, chapter summaries, video, audio, animations, etc."

I will see if I can find information if Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 and InDesign can intergrate.
1) Login to Google GMAIL
2) Now goto Google Docs
3) On the left side you will see "Create" button and upload icon, click on this button
4) In the pop up menu Choose Files..
5) Browse to any documents including PDF/Excel/Word etc. files
6) Click on "Start Upload"

When you uploaded a document you can share for every body by choosing "Public view"
From I read  "with Adobe Digital Edition, Adobe Load PDFs into flash"

Here is a walkthrough to do that in Adobe Flex:

I have to go for a bit, I will have another good look into it when I get back.
Trying_to_LearnAuthor Commented:
I'll accept your solution now as I think it's a really great platform to develop the sample eBook and seems that it has many built in functions to help me get a head start

I also read that you can compile the project into an swf file, and once that is done it can be easily integrated into flex.

I look forward to your research :)
Trying_to_LearnAuthor Commented:
I'm back! I'm glad to hear that InDesign will do what you need.

I've found some interesting articles about including flash in a pdf, which is perhaps the most interactive way to make a pdf:

Here is a demo:

And a howto text:

This subject is making me keen to start making some of my own interactive pdfs - so thank you for the question!
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