Webex and Web camera issues

I use Webex to do video conferencing between my offices. Typically there are thrree offices connected at one time, all using Video cams.

The camera we use is the Logitech "Webcam Pro 9000". Each of the three workstations involved are all Windows XP Pro. Each is relativly current in their patching through windows. I am using McAfee Virus scan interprise on each machine.

The one machine I am having problems with has the latest drivers for the camera, and fairly current drivers for the graphics card. Out of all the machines, this one has the latest version of McAfee, version 8.8.

The problem is this:

This one computer connects to the meeting, clicks the Webex button to turn on her camera, and gets the Blue screen...

The first time this happened, the Webex people said to turn of the camera control software that runs in the Icon tray. This seemed to help OK for the next meeting, but then it did it again. I went down to the office, did some hands on testing, and naturally, it never failed once while I was there. I came back to my main office, setup another test for management, and if crashed three times in a row. The office person there called Webex support, they "Made sure that camera software was current", and then it worked fine.

The rub here is, while I was there, I checked the camera software, and it was already current.

I mentioned the virus software, because I know this can cause issues sometimes. However, if this were the case, I believe it would act up every time, not some times.

I have called Webex, Logitech everyone I can think of and no one has ever heard of this issue. Webex has offered some suggestions, but what they offer makes no sence because the issue is not effecting any of my other users.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. This one has me at odds with management so I'm a little desperate for a consistent solution.
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Anthony RussoCommented:
I have used the Logitech 9000 for years for video conferencing and did not come across this issue. I also did not have McAfee installed though.

My suggestion would be to try using the camera setup with a different video conferencing program. There are many freely available. If it only happens with WebEx then the problem lies with them. I can only hope that they would be able to resolve it, but unfortunately it is a lot easier for them to point the finger to your virus software or camera.

RKoonsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. However, We have 4 cameras and they all use Webex with about the same software / Hardware setup, and this one is the only one with a problem.

I will try some new software, but I don't think Webex is the problem.
Anthony RussoCommented:
While it might not be the problem, having the the same thing occur on another program might give a new clue as to why it is happening.

My guess would be some combination of the virus software interfering only when some other process might be running. Any idea of a program on the culprit computer that isn't on the others?

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RKoonsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay...

The second time around, it seemed that by updating the camera drivers, it solved the problem -which does not really make sence because I did that as well when I was there.

However, it seemed to solve the problem.

The version of Virus software is a difference from all the other machines, but I don't see this as being the culpret, as it does not happen all the time.

Naturally, there are no log entries, no records of the virus software blocking something... nothing.

I fear both professionaly, and in respect to this forum, that there will be no clear answer to this problem.
Anthony RussoCommented:
Well as long as it is functioning properly now, that is what is important.

If the only difference is in the virus software version, that does make it suspect though, even intermittently.

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RKoonsAuthor Commented:
This question really had no answer, but this expert was correct in his final comment, so he gets the prize
Anthony RussoCommented:
Thank you RKoons.
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