Web Researching the use of a particular word

I would like to find out how many times per year a particular word (apples, let's say)  has been used.
What resources are there to see this information:
1990 - 4,000
1991 - 5,000
Newspaper web sites?  
I vaguely recall visiting a site that had a histogram of how many times the word appeared.
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GrandSlamFXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With www.wolframalpha.com you can get  info about words.

They have have a "word frequency history" graphic that shows the use of a specific word in the Google Books collection (one millon books).

This graph represents the timeperiod from 1539-2007 at the moment and wolframalpha does not let you choose a specific year unfortunately.

To create you own search in the Google books database you can start here:



With www.wolframalpha.com pro version you can provide your own datasets.
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Isn't there a tool that goes back earlier?  
2004?  Jeez.  That's short.
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