Bluescreen on a Dell Latitude E6400 (Windows Xp)

Hello I am having an issue on a laptop , I need a good tool to investigate/

type of hardware : Dell Latitude E6400
os : windows xp

here is the issue :
- user's computer keeps on crashing
- the machine freezes everytime user opens any application
-user is getting a bluesscreen from time to time
-user is getting the issues when working with machine and sometimes when logging in to the machine
Williams225System AdministatorAsked:
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The first thing I should do is read the blue screen. It usually has a code like 00xc001000 or whatever it may be. You can paste that code in Google, and usually the results will get you in the right direction. Otherwise you are going to have a hard time finding out if the problem is hardware or software related etc. etc.

Also check the logs on the PC, maybe you can get some information there.

If it's hardware related it can have a lot of causes also. You should then run a memory test, or a processor test etc. etc.... Even try replacing the memory, videocard and try if it works then.
As its a laptop, replacing the videocard will not work in most cases.....
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
How  do you run a memory test, or a processor test etc. etc... which tool do you use
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On some computers these test can be ran from the BIOS. You can access the BIOS by pressing F2 at the first screen you see when you start the computer....

Otherwise you can download a tool to test things....

RAM test:

Harddisk check:

Start with these, at the moment I can't find a tool to test the processor.

Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
There should be a Preboot Assessment (PBA) built into the E64xx series.  If you hit F12 on first booting the laptop, pick diagnostics and it should run through a battery of tests.

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Get the Ultimate Boot CD and run memtest to check the RAM.  You generally don't need to test the processor, as a non-working processor would prevent you from booting the machine, but you could run a stress test program like Prime95 to see if it holds up.  It also has hard drive test utilities from various manufacturers.

Check if you have dust buildup in the vents, since overheating is common with laptops that have components crowded together.
also - for the BSOD, look in windows\minidumpss, and post the latest minidump - add as file here
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
Hello, I have did the diagnostic test (F12) with the Preboot Assessment (PBA) .

I don't know how to resolve this issue bellow is the result of the test. prior running this test, I did 2 chdisk and 2 defragmentations.

Test result: fail
error code : 0142
message error code : 2000-0142
message : harddrive 0 - self test unsuccessful = status 77

Open in new window

Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
You will want to give that error code to Dell tech support.  Looks like the hard drive is defective.
it is still useful to run the disk diag from ubcd - can tell you more
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