My Acer Aspire All in One is shutting down without reason

Hi Experts,
I've got Acer Aspire z5600 All in One PC with Win7 and it started to behave strangely recently.
It is shutting down constantly without any reason after being worked for a few munites.
I've run chkdsk /r, updated all drivers and windows. I think it might be hardware error like a memory or power supply, or because of option into BIOS for temperature shutdown.
I've run built in memory diagnostic test and mem test from ubcd and the pc has shutted down in the middle of the test and couldn't completed. The other problem is if it turns out as faulty memory I cannot replace it because I don't now how to open all in one pc(I cannot see any screws). I've opened a lots of laptops and desktops before but never encountered with all in one pc's. So any help on how to open it will be useful for me and any idea where else to look into to solve that shutting down problem,

Thank you in advanced!
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To me it looks very much like overheating, the problem is that to fix such issues you really should be able to  open the case. Maybe you can try blowing compressed air into the case, but opening it up is usually much better.
nasolsiAuthor Commented:
Hi Rank: Genius,
Yes, I agree with you about overheating. So I don't want to desable BIOS's option for ''Temperature shutdown'' and the pc is made to shut down on 62C.
The best solution is to keep the room a bit cold.
Ok thank you so much for that.
I'll try it and then will reply you back to give you the points.
If you have any other suggestions please feel free to let me now!

All the best!
I would try opening it, even if you haven't been able to find a way yet. Maybe there is some plastic clip-on cover you have to remove to get to the screws. Some years ago I had to open a Sony all-in-one desktop, and that was also very hard to find out how to open, but I eventually managed. Of course it took lots of time, and if you can't get your customer to pay for that, then you may have to give up.

I've just found a video (seems to be in russian or something similar though), where a similar model is being taken apart, it might give you an idea on how to go about taking it apart:

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Chris BRetiredCommented:
One overheat experience may blow out standard (inferior) heat pad material resulting in regular overheats thereafter. Solution is to replace the pad with good quality thermal paste, e.g. Arctic Silver Ceramic. Your machine does not have external screws for cover removal, just requires pressure in the right place. The pdf service manual is here - just type / paste this into Google -

Aspire Z5600/Z5610 Series Service Guide

If you have trouble downloading it, post back and I will upload it somewhere.

Chris B

nasolsiAuthor Commented:
Hi Rank: Genius,
the video link you sent me is what I wanted and needed!
You deserve the points!

Thank you so much for your help!
All the best!
nasolsiAuthor Commented:
The video link shows what I want and need to fix overheat's problem.
nasolsiAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts again,
Just to let you know that my problem with my Acer all in one still carry on. I think that is not overheating problem because the room temperature was normal or up to 20C and the pc shutted down again 3 or 4 times.
I thing that might be memory problem because when I run memory test it couldn't completed successfully as computer shuts down in the middle of the memory test. I'll try to run the pc with only one memory at time to isolate which memory stick is faulty.
Hdd is fine.
So any other suggestions to look into please!
Thank you so much in advanced!
Chris BRetiredCommented:
Just because it shuts down during a memory test does not necessarily indicate a memory issue (although it could be). I still think overheating is likely.

Chris B
nasolsiAuthor Commented:
Hi Chris B,
The pc hasn't worked throughout the day and after I switch it on it shuts down in 5-10 mins.
So I think it cannot be overheated for that short time. But even that I'll test its memory and clean it up form any dusts accumulated.
Could you tell me what temperature should be set up into BIOS before it is shutting down.
I think the current temperature is 61C.

Thank you!
Chris BRetiredCommented:
Hi. Test your memory sticks as you suggested, but if the thermal pad has blown out and there is no good contact between the CPU and the heatsink, the system can overheat and shut down in a few seconds. Since you must open it to change RAM, I would definitely repaste the heatsink at the same time. If the CPU continues to be severely overheated it will fail, so it is worth checking. I cannot tell you exactly what the max permissible temp is without knowing exactly which CPU you have. Most Core 2 Duo's are around 65C.

Chris B
From my experience when the PC shuts off during the memory test, it has always been a temperature problem. The memory test also heats up the CPU a lot, and the thermal threshold is reached very quickly. Also, as the PC runs in a mode similar to DOS, it doesn't do any proper thermal management (within Windows the mainboard drivers help the CPU to get throttled and the fan speeds are optimized to the temperature).
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