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Accessing Fileshares from Windows 2003 Server

cto2008 asked
We have situation were our product has been installed on a Windows 2003 Server.  The product connects to a file share on another Windows 2003 Server every time it requests data.  This same location also has the software running on Windows XP and they connect to the same shared directory.  It appears as if something on the Windows 2003 server causes the connection to the shared folder to be lost after some period of inactivity which in turn causes our softare to lock temporarily.  As well all know the first time you go to connect to a file share it can take a moment for it to authenticate you and get the connection going.  I am wondering if anyone knows of a setting in Windows 2003 Server to keep it from closing out unused connections or atleast keep them longer if that is indeed the issue.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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Check your default network timeout settings (can't remember right off hand sorry) but found this in an post may work:

To change the default time-out period for the autodisconnect feature of the Server service, open a command prompt, type the following line, and press ENTER:

net config server /autodisconnect:<number>
As following up on MarkGossett's advice see

http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itpronetworking/thread/c6da707b-5224-40f5-8d0e-e8985453221d/ for more info.

It states "NET CONFIG SERVER /AUTODISCONNECT:-1  (this command disabled the autodisconnect feature in a network connection is idle).."

Also you can change de hex value of the autodisconnect value at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters in the registry from f to ffffffff (15 to 4294967295 minites) as possted in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297684. This you could set in your Win 7 GPO if you have that.

Set the value to 0 (zero) will disable the idle time:

Network idle time GPO setting

I think that should fix your problem.