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"Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation"

O-WUP asked
Last Modified: 2012-02-10
What is Adobe doing????????????????????? I am tyrying to run a cd for training and when the home page comes up and I try to go to one of the pages I get this warning and cannot access any of the media. I have spent an hour trying to get an answer and NO ONE has explained how to ad the path to the training cd (which is in my DVD drive) to a safe list or whatever the H adobe wants.

I mean really, how can something like this go untouched, un-noticed???? You mean to tell me I am the First one to encounter this? How do you fix this???????????
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Top Expert 2011

First, try open this URL and add H drive to your trusted path



I checked that link several times but something is not adding up. First, I do not have a Flash manager as shown there. I have added mine in the pic. Secondly, no where does it allow me to put a local disk drive of any kind. (I think you may have menant "Z" instead of "H" since I was running the cd from my DVD drive which is Z.

Running Win7 (x64).

I have checked the Adobe links and none of them work so that is why I am here. This just seems ridiculous that running content on your own laptop now is subject to out of control security settings.
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The window what you are captured is diffrent please open a browser and paste my URL.
Click on Add Location drop down and add you Z drive
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This one is on us!
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Incredible solution. I stumbled at first because I created the folder and file under System32 instead of SysWOW64. Kept getting the error since I should have created the solution under SysWOW64 being that I have Win7 (x64). Once I applied the solution to the SysWOW64 folder, the message was eliminated. Great job!!!!
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