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SBS2011 DNS Problems

Last Modified: 2013-12-02
Helle Everyone,

got some guys who installed her first SBS2011 System.

As they Installed the System they gave the Server the local IP Adress and Gateway: (wich was never a existing device)
After connecting the System to her already existing Network ( they start to realize that they have given the SBS System the wrong Network IP Adress.

They changed the Systems IP to
Gateway: (Already existing and functional Firewall System)

After doing that, they done changing settings on the Exchange System (setting the new IP ranges etc.) and correcting all settings on the DNS System they could find! In fact they changed every IP Adress they found to the new adress range.
So far so goor, the System works actually, but dns request are far away from good!

when i run nslookup on the System the following happens:

DNS request timed out.
The Timeout was 2 seconds.
Defaultserver: UnKnown
Adress: <IPv6 Adress appears here>

Im not a Pro on DNS Settings so i ask here for Help to getting the DNS fixed.
My first idea was to delete the DNS System and setting up new.
But the Active Directory does already exist and is functional (but slow) and the Exchange System works too (but slow).
So i guess that was not the best way to fix the DNS Problems.

Thanks in advance
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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

- Check the DNS and DHCP services to make sure that the DNS records and DHCP scope options are set correctly. There may be a root DNS A record pointing to the old server IP in the SBSDomain Forward Lookup Zone folder, it is safe to delete it.

- Run the Fix My Network wizard:
>Open the SBS Console.
>Click the Network tab.
>Click the Connectivity tab.
>Click the Fix My Network link.
>Run through the wizard steps.
>Once complete click Finish.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT Consultant

I believe this is the firewall blocking the name resolution command .. I think your settings are correct, You probably need to add these new IP address configurations to your firewall so it recognizes the command.
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run dcdiag /test:dns and post the results
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