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MS Query results do not include source file appended data, why?

Last Modified: 2012-02-20
Why might new (appended) entries in an MS Query XLSX source file NOT be refreshing through to the response file?

Changes in the original data DO show through, but new rows do not.

Named ranges are not explicitly involved as I am querying two external files without range names (unlike querying two ranges inside the same file).

I have example files though not sure if I must also upload the query file from deep inside MS folders as well as the two source xlsx files.

It feels like I have to reopen the original query and tell it to refresh or even recreate it. Doubtless recreation would work, but it defeats the objective of fit and forget by which I mean update the two source files and see the results in the response file.

It seems it is intended that these updates should work as I expect

and about refreshes

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Anthony MellorPrincipal


Hello Dave, long time no see :-)

Yes did all that. Note; data updates when changed, but not new data appended.

and you mentioned range names not extended (elsewhere):

I have always noticed other system looking type ranges showing in the dialogue box so I didn't define any ranges in the source Excel workbooks and it worked as such.

It updates when changes are within the original regions but doesn't seem to pick up new rows - which is full circle symptom back to data being outside ranges. Having said that when I inserted rows and added data therein it didn't pick that up either. Perplexed here.

I'm  going to re-create it all and check I'm not doing something very daft like appending data to the wrong source file or something although from the above that cannot be.

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