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SAP Working Folder Problem

SpaceLaika asked
Last Modified: 2012-03-25
Hi there,

We are having a problem with regards to the SAP Working Folder. We have a vb script that does various tasks for us in SAP using SAP GUI scripting. When the script gets to a cetain step where it accesses 'SPO2' and tries to export the spool as text i.e. Spool Request > Export > Export as Text... then the following system error displays...

SAP System Error
...clicking 'Yes' this is the screen that comes up...

SAP System Error Detail
...from this it seems that SAP is seeing the SAP Working Folder as the SAP Install Directory in Program Files, as that is where it seems to want to save the exported spool txt file.

However, when running the request 'SO21' to see what the current SAP Working Folder is then this is what it is specified as...

SO21 Command
...why then is it trying to export the file to the SAP Install Directory in Program Files if the correct SAP Working Folder is specified to the folder in the above screenshot.

I would appreciate any help as I am really stumped.

Many thanks!
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Hi SpaceLaika,

as i know the so21 sets teh path for local upload / download in old releases... this should not be valid anymore ...

Please try to set user variables

GR8 for initial export
GR9 for initial import
SOP all following accesses

For the import or export of documents, the system 'holds' a change of the directory. The previously used directory is stored in the 'SOP' parameter. Subsequent import/export operations then start in the last directory.

Using the 'GR8' and 'GR9' parameters, you can initially define a preferred directory for an export or import. However, the following accesses then use the last directory again.

Best regards


Hi Gnurl,

Thank you for your post.

I have set these user variables...

 User Variables
...however I am still getting the error...

SAP System Error
...when attempting an export? Darn.
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Thank you Gnurl! In the end I was forced to set the Security Status to 'Disabled' as none of the other options worked for me. Keep well. :)
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