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Unable to login to the computer of the Domain Server

Last Modified: 2012-02-14
My issue is sort of wierd, so bare with me as I try and explain it.  We have a domain server in our company, that has Windows updates automatically scheduled for Sunday at 3:00 am.  We wanted to change that because sometimes the restart does not go as planned and the server has to manually restarted.  We decided to change the time to exclude the weekends and have it perform its updates during the week when someone could monitor what was being done.  So when I went in to change the update time, it was grayed out.  I was logged in as the Domain Admin, loging into the doman.  So I decided to log on to the actual server as administrator.  To my surprise, the location of the computer was no there.  This seems impossible, we should be able to log into the computer, but it is not there.  Also I don't have access to Group Policy, because there are no add-ons available.

So my question after this long explanation is how can I get this back, so I can manipulate the server.  I notice our Exchange server is set up the exact same way.  Both of these servers were set up prior to my arrival on this job and they weren't set up by my supervisor, but possibly a consultant.
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Are you saying that the computer is not in AD?
It sounds like the settings are being applied by a group policy, which if you don't have access to, you are nearly out of luck.

Are you permitted to install AD Users and Computers and the GPMC? If so then that is the way to go and change it properly.

ALternatively, and this will be for temporary use only, until the setting gets written over again by the GPO, you could go into the registry and change the settings there and stop and start the Automatic Updates service.


@atsVirginia, yes this computer is in AD, it is the domain server and Active Directory actually is on this machine and the Exchange Server.  

@antony_kibble - how can I change this?
This one is on us!
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Thank you.  This will work for the time being.  I do have access to change this.  My supervisor who is the CIO has no clue as to how and why this was set.  I still can't get to the local computer to login.  I was able to get into the Group Policy, but I can't find the setting to enable me to logon locally to the computer.

Thank you for your help.
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