How to resend email that was virus-infected in zimbra?

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This is using zimbra 6.0.8 64-bit server. A user told me that he got an email notification that an import email was found stuck with virus. He wants me - as a administrator, to retrieve this mail for him as it is very important. I found that this virus-infected mail was found in /opt/zimbra/data/quarantine folder. Assume that the virus is disinfect, how should I do to re-send this mail back to him?

Thanks in advance.
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You coul pump/cat the message into the mail processing /usr/sbin/sendmail with the recipient identified.
Quarantined mail was found in /opt/zimbra/data/amavisd/quarantine folder
      2. type "/opt/zimbra/bin/zmlmtpinject -s /opt/zinbra/data/quarantine
                 /virus-4-xxxxx -r"


good, it works

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