How do I fix "DirectDraw Initialization Failed" Error

I recently closed a Surrvilence Camera program called "MAXDVR" on a PC that is running 16-channel PCI Cards (model: DR3016f) and when I reopen the program I get the following error message:

"A hardware only directdraw object creation was attempted but the driver did not support any hardware. 0x88760233, Can't create primary surface"  

I click OK and then I get another error: "DirectDraw Initialization failed"

I checked all the drivers in Device Manager and they are all applied correctly and I also installed the lastest version of DirectX 10.

I don't want to reload Windows so if you techs have any ideas on how to fix this I would appreciate it since it is driving me nuts.

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Which windows csciarro ?
XP or windows 7?
DirectX 10 may not run correctly with XP and your current video card, use
 directX 9C in XP
Otherwise try the  DX10 emulator

Please check the guide for the supporting functions and framerates /compression code rates.
Please Note: This DVR software is for use with the 4 Channel USB
DVR and also specific 1, 4, 8 and 16 channel DVR Cards.
Not all software functions discussed below are available, applicable or supported by all

According to this manual
Everything installed OK, but I am getting a message saying that there was a problem with "DirectDraw
Initialization", what could be wrong?
This could be an issue with your graphics subsystem.
If you’ve received a “DirectDraw Initialization” message then this is usually related to the inability of the system to provide enough graphics resources. Sometimes it can also be related to the version of DirectX the system is running.
Other times we’ve seen this issue include trying to access the system via Remote Desktop (or any remote connection software for that matter).
As the PC Security Guardian software calls on DirectX runtimes to display the images from the card, any remote access software can cause the program to crash.
Also, make sure you don’t have any NetMeeting Shared Desktop servers running.

It is very important that the system is running the latest version of DirectX.
You can check this by clicking the start button,
selecting the Run option, and then typing "dxdiag" in the dialog box.
Once you've clicked OK, it should display the DirectX diagnostic tool.
Under "DirectX Version" it should display which version you are currently running. For best results, make sure your DirectX is version 9.0C.

You can find the latest version of DirectX for free download from Microsoft at
You can also use the DirectX diagnostic tool to check how much video memory your system has.
Select the Display tab at the top of the window, and then look for “Approximate Total Memory” under the device section on the left hand side.
Also check your “Driver date” on the right.
 It is worth noting that drivers older than 12 months are generally classed as out of date, and it’s worth downloading the latest version in this case.
Common brands of graphics cards include NVidia
( and ATi (, You can usually find free driver updates for your card on the relevant website.

Please keep in mind that the minimum graphics card requirements are 32mb of separate video memory. Separate memory usually means an AGP or PCI-E/-X graphics card.
We have had customers who've had various problems using onboard
(also known as integrated) graphics cards.
While some onboard graphics systems have worked, we generally advise that you
use AGP or PCI-E/X cards.

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