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Import a site from WSS3.0 into Sharepoint Server 2010

I have an old server running WSS 3.0/sp2 on SQL 2005 express, and I have just setup a new Sharepoint 2010 Server with SQL 2008 Standard.  Is there a way to import one site from the old server to the new one?

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Senior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
You should be able to perform a Database Attach upgrade on the WSS3.0 database to upgrade it to 2010. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc303436.aspx has some info
Justin SmithSr. System Engineer
Top Expert 2012

As noted above, you must do a db attach.  You can't upgrade on a site per site basis, unless each site is in it's own db.

I've had clients that still only wanted one particular site upgraded.  In this case we attached the db to a dummy web app in 2010, to get it upgraded.  We then did a site backup and restore to move the one particular site they wanted.  After, the dummy web app was deleted.


Thanks for the info

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