"Name".java cannot find symbol, please help!

Greetings again mates,

I am rather back sooner than I had hoped to.

After installing jdk, per for_yan's patient help, I attempted to create a java class and ran into a throve of errors:

here are just a couple:

Name.java:1420: cannot find symbol
symbol  : class czaaddiDat
location: class Name    addiDat = (czaaddiDat)e_czaaddi.nextElement();


.\ParseRec.java:192: warning: [deprecation] Date(int,int,int) in java.util.Date
has been deprecated
   Date CCDDate = new Date(

Most of these errors are repeatitive. So, one fix will fix most of them.

Note: I changed the actual name of the file to just Name.java

Your help is much appreciated
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You need this additional class czaaddiDat

maybe it is in another Java file or in some library which this applocation ois supposed to use
>Note: I changed the actual name of the file to just Name.java

Hoep this applies only to your posting

You cannot arbitratly change names of .java files
Its name  should be sthe same as the name of the public class declared in the file
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
That's good to know.

Thanks alot again For_Yan.

What about this error?

\ParseRec.java:192: warning: [deprecation] Date(int,int,int) in java.util.Date
has been deprecated
   Date CCDDate = new Date(
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You have more than one .java file
do you have anywhere inside those declared class
czaaddiDat ?
don't worry about warining and deprectaions for now.
you have much more serious problems to sort out
Warnings do not preclude from running appliocation
look into each of your java classes.
In each Java class there may be only one class which is declared public and its name would be the same as the name of the .java file
there may be other class decalaraions (they will be just

class ....


public class ...

check if you have czaddiDat
among those classes declared in any of your java files
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Ok, I won't worry about the warnings, you are correct.

Yes, the class is in the file called ACSupportCT.java

When I attempted to compile it now, it gives me its own version of symbol error below:

ACSupportCT.java:2367: cannot find symbol
symbol  : class czavdspRec
location: class ACSupportCT
do you have any

package ....

statement , as the first line of any of your .java files?

It should be only first meaningfull line
(not counting comments starting wiuth // or enclosed in /*....*/
how many total .java files you have ?
check if you have any packages declared on top of them ?
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Sorry, what I told you about the class being in another file is wrong.

None of the files has any package declared anywhere at all.

BTW: There are 3 files and they are all .java files.

Will the class have .class or .package extensions?

You can see how very, very rusty I had become with java.

I was fluent when I used to use it in the first place.

Thanks for all your help
OK, it is good you don't have packages on top - it is simpler
the compiled class will have .class extensuion
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Ok, great.

So, without them, I cannot compile the files that I have, right?

I suspect also that connection to the DB are declared and defined in one of those classes?

I just took a  look at the top of of one of the files and saw this:

import java.util.Date;
import java.io.*;
import java.sql.*;
 * Base class for a Queue record
 * @version %*%, %G%
public class QueueRec extends java.lang.Object
 * CCP Protocol fields

Do these mean anything in terms of the classes we are talking about?
You need to have thsis czsaadiDat class from something
These are standard - part of JDK - youi don't need anything for them
import java.util.Date;
import java.io.*;
import java.sql.*;

However you need that  czaaddiDat
class and perhpas some aother classes which you haven't yet discovered that they are lacking

You'll also need driver to connect to database.

But these are usaually publcily downoladbale
if you know waht kind of databse you are connectiong

(it should be obvious from your code also)

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sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks again many times.
You are always welcome.
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