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safari web content

pdsmicro asked
we have few imac in our place and they all are with Lion.
i noticed that there are two imac is having probl;em with safari.
that is safari web contents is eating the memory.
i deleted the cach.db then it is ok. But few ours later it started with high memory consumption.

is there anyway i can fix this?
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sarasotamacIT Manager

You could open Open Safari Preferences>Extensions, and see what one's are enabled. Try disabling some and retry Safari. Maybe one of the extensions is eating the memory up. Test with each disabled and you may find a bad extension.

Good Luck!

Run Software Update on the troublesome Macs to make sure they have the newest version of Safari.
i have done both disable extensions and update.
none of them helped.


i have adviced the user to use firefox
Has anyone figured out how to fix this other than telling the user to use a different browser? I am having the same issue....

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