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how to print in win 7?

I have a windows 7 machine, (ultimate) and have HP laserjet printers set up on a windows 2003 server. I have added drivers to the printers for PCL5 and PCL6 and have downloaded drivers and software like crazy from HP's website. I have also installed the HP software on the win 7 machine. I have update the drivers on the win 2003 server and have restarted the print spool service. when I go to add the printer to the win 7 machine, I get a message that says no driver found. What do I need to do to be able to add Windows printers to the win 7 workstation?
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Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT Administration

You need to install windows 7 drivers on the server, save it on a share as well. Then when you install, point it to the share you saved the drivers and select the requested file.

Double check that you have a correct driver, if your windows 7 is 32 bit/64bit and get the correct one.

First make sure of the Win7 OS,  is it 32 bit or 64bit.

You can find out by going to control panel and click on system. Mid way on the screen you will see System and look for system type, here is will say 64 bit operating system or 32

If you see 64 bit you will have to download the 64 bit drivers from HP for that printer.


Where do I put the drivers? I have them on a share in a shared folder to install but when I point to the folder with the drivers, it does not install them. It does say it is looking for the driver in windows updates, but returns the error. it is 64 bit and I did download the 64 bit drivers. that much i can figure out. why it is not finding the drivers, i can't.
I would copy the drivers to the local machine then try to install them


tried that too. get message windows cannot connect to printer. can ping.

Does the printer have an IP address ?
If the server is a 32 bit OS it will not have the 64 bit drivers

In that case you will need to
1. Click on Devices and printers
2. Click add Printer
3. Click on local printer
4. Select Create new port then select Standard TCP\IP port
5. Next screen Input the IP address of the printer
6 Click next
7. Device type Keep at Generic click next
8  next it will ask you to install printer driver Select "Have disk" and point to the drivers directory share on server.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT Administration

Have you installed the 64 bit driver on the server and setup your printer? Did you share the printer?

Now on the win 7 PC, select run, \\printserver\hpprinter

Let us know what is the result.



I have the printer set up like that already for windows printing for XP machines. I still have many XP machines on the network. I think you're closest to where I am with this. so, if I have the drivers in there for XP, how can I add a driver for Win 7? you bring up a good point also, the server is 32 bit and the win 7 is 64.
Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2028992

On the server you have to add the drivers. But first install the printer locally on a windows 7 machine and then test the driver if it works perfectly, before adding same set on print servver.
Its going to be the same as the win xp machines except for this Win 7 one.
You cannot Install the 64 bit drivers on to the server. So with that being said copy the drivers folder from the server to the win 7 machine (Make sure that you they are expanded already)
Then create you a local port for IP
I ran into the same issue with a windows home server (Win2K3) at a site location, a HP Multi Functionall (HP M5025 MFP) and Windows 7 64 bits systems.

I installed the 32 bit drivers on the home server and also created a shared folder where I copied the installation disk to, as shown below:

Shared folder for printer drivers
\\Home-server\printerdrv\HP\M5025 MFP\Drivers\x64(64 bit - XP_S2003_Vista)\PCL6

When I double clicked from the Win 7 64 bit machine on the printer at \\home server\HP LaserJet M5025 MFP PCL 6, I got the message that a printedriver was needed. I browsed to the drivers on the shared location and the printer was installed just fine.

This looks like the same situation you are facing.

Hope this helps..
I had this same problem a few days ago, were new Windows 7 machines could not install the driver that the XP machines used.

I simply updated the driver to this one:


Update the driver by doing the following:
1. Log on to your server
2. Press "Start"
3. Press "Printers & Faxes"
4. Right click on the printer that you have installed, that you want to be able to print from your Windows 7 machine and press "Properties"
5. Choose "Advanced"
6. Press "New Driver"
8. When you get prompted to choose a make and model, Press "Have disk" and browse to the downloaded driver and select the ".inf" file.
9. OK
10. Now you new driver will be in the scroll list on the printers properties
11. Make sure you have selected the new driver in the list and press OK.
12. Install the printer from your Windows 7 machine thorugh \\YourServer\YourPrinter
13. Happy printing!


I finally got it to work. thanks everyone for your input. I hope i covered everyone.

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