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xp home domain printer

wtechnology asked
How can xp home connect to a shared domain printer?
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Connected directly to a server with Active Directory?  Sharing from a workstation?
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XP Home does not work on domains. If you need business functions, you need to upgrade to Pro.

You can try not joining the domain, and then use NET USE statements to map folders and use printers. That may work because you do not need a domain to do this.

... Thinkpads_User
Missed the Home.  Correct, Home cannot join a domain.  Agree with using NET USE Command.

XP Home can connect via normal SMB (see: http://www.samba.org/cifs/docs/what-is-smb.html) protocols... i.e. the same "sharing" used by older Windows systems...

Since XP Home does not store logon credentials to a domain server as XP Pro does, it would be easier to access the printer if security is "opened up" to allow "everyone" access to it...

If this is unacceptable for any reason, the XP Home user will need to authenticate repeatedly, but will still be able to access the device using the standard \\{server}\{share} UNC name after authentication.

Is the printer connected to the network or directly to the printserver? If it has a networkconnection it has an ip-address an you can install the printer locally on the XP Home system with a TCP/IP port of the printers ip-address. Than you will be printing directly to the network printer. I assume XP Home has the functionality for printing to a TCP/IP port.
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Thank you, and I was happy to help. ... Thinkpads_User

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