Move DHCP from 2000 server to 2008 server

We are trying to migrate our DHCP service off of an old Windows 2000 server, onto our newer Windows 2008 server.

I have followed the steps from this link found in similar questions:

Everything seems to have worked fine.  When I open DHCP in the Windows 2008 server, everything seems to have imported fine.  I authorized the server (I have the little green up arrow in the white circle.  All the data looks correct.  I disabled the DHCP service on the old Windows 2000 server.  (Unauthorized it as well).

Except when I turn on a workstation, and try to do a ipconfig /release then ipconifg /renew, I get an error message on the workstation saying that it can't find the DHCP server.

Any thoughts?
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Patrick TallaricoDecision Support and Systems AnalystCommented:
Darius GhassemCommented:
tails71Author Commented:
Articles were not very helpful.  

Here is some additional info.  There are two scopes identified in the DHCP server.  Neither has any reserved addresses.  Anything with a static IP has been given an IP address outside of the scope.  

The orginal DHCP server is a file server running Windows 2000.  I have installed the DHCP service on our DC for that site that is running Windows 2008 32-bit.
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Alright did you go through the process again?
Patrick TallaricoDecision Support and Systems AnalystCommented:
Have you tried to set up a single DHCP scope from scratch just to test it?  You could set it for a single IP address, just to see if the DHCP server is having problems with the imported settings, or just in general.

Have you attempted any packet capture to see if DHCP is broadcasting at all?
One option to do that is wireshark, and here is some info from them about DHCP and their product...

With your two scopes, I am assuming that these are on different subnets???

On an outside chance, you may want to check this out and see if this article has any bearing.
tails71Author Commented:
The two scopes are on two different subnets.  The DHCP server is currently using only one NIC, and that IP address is on our Server VLAN (a third VLAN).  I will try and hook up another NIC tonight to one of the VLANs identified in the scope.
tails71Author Commented:
I made a discovery yesterday.  On our core switch (Cisco 3500), we and there was an IP_Helper-Address entry listed for both VLANs  that was pointing to our old DHCP server.  I updated the IP Helper-address to point to our new DHCP server, and that solved the issue.

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tails71Author Commented:
After testing the solution, I was able to successfully release and renew the ipconfig on multiple machines on both VLANs.
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