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Firewall -- Replicate Changes ?

I have four locations and want a firewall that allows me to make a change ONCE and replicate it to firewalls at my three other locations.

Which firewall vendor allows this easy replication ?

Each site has 100 users.
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I think multiple vendors can do this, Juniper would be one of them..

Using their NSM system you can assign 1 policy (collection of rules)  to all firewalls (or to a group of 4 whichever)
And using polymorphic objects you can use 1 network object in a rule that has a different context on each firewall.

I.e. one object "trusted-network" which is on one firewall, but means on another and on a third..

so all the firewalls can have the same rule applied but they all still use their specific context.

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You could also look at software that can manage multiple device configurations at the same time (like: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/kiwi-cattools-activities/). That way you could choose what firewall you like/feel comfortable with/can afford.

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