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help in configuring exchange domain

OLY8892 asked
I am trying to us a domain for SBS 2003.  I had exchange email working but my redirect of the domain was not working.  A record for domain was pointing to server.  I changed it and now the redirect does not work.  
I have dns pointing to hostgator.  I add pics from records and mx.  I created a redirect to be-je.com.
Domain is bejedesign.com
I set up exchange to use bejedesign.com (xxx@bejedesign.com)
Had it working except redirect, contacted hostgator support and no the redirect works and email will not receive but you can send from exchange.
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The only way I have found to get it to work is point the domain to the server.  Redirect www.domain.com to be-je.com is working but without the www it goes to RWW
Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

ok...so some questions
Are you wanting to receive mail for bejedesign.com and be-je.com on your small business server?

based on the pictures you attached, we can assume that is the public IP for your SBS Server?

And is the address for your hosted website??


1. I only want to receive mail for bejedesign.com
2. SBS
3. hosted Domain bejedesign.com
4. All I want is to redirect bejedesign.com to be-je.com and use exchange for email using bejedesign.com
Sr IT Support Engineer
Do you have be-je.com already hosted somewhere?
you could alter the ipaddress for www.bejedesign.com to point to where ever be-je.com is hosted.

delete the localhost.bejedesign.com record
delete the mail.bejedesign.com record
delete the ftp.bejedesign.com record
delete the mail.bejedesign.com record
delete the whm.bejedesign.com record
delete the webmail.bejedesign.com record
delete the webdisk.bejedesign.com record
delete both txt records
delete the zues.bejedesign.com record
delete the delete the bejedesign.com record (very last record)

what is the URL supposd to be


I got it working but only when I add www.domain.com.  Without the www it does not redirect to the other domain.

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