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xml modify sql 2008

say i have a table that has 2 column 1 is id and other is xml data

i inserted
1, xml<test><q1></q1></test>

now i inserted
2, xml<test><q1></q1><q2></q2></test>

how do i detect to say 2 and 1 are really the same let me just add q2 into row 1 and delete row 2 using xml modify
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How are you receiving the original information? Is it coming in as XML or are you converting it before insert? Your responses will help shape the final solution, but it will utilize XML.exist() method: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189869.aspx

I think if combined with with a WHERE NOT EXISTS can help yield the behavior you need.


i found my answer before this post so i didn't try this i am using xml.modify. thanks

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