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CPU Usage of Virtual Machine run on Vmware workstation

Dear Experts,

I'm using vmware workstration 7.1.1, I have created 1 VM with 8 Cores for CPU and some resource.

But when I try to zip a file 500MB, the CPU of VM is 100% usage and hang.
Otherwise physical PC's CPU usage is 2 - 4%, and if I do the same task zip the same file in physical PC, the CPU usage also is only 2 -4%

Could you explain where is the problem and how to fix it.

PS: tested with vmware workstration ver8 -> same sistuation
Thanks all.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

What are you using to ZIP?  Can you try this on the host machine? It may not be the Virtual Machine but what you are trying to do. Also, the VM could be running out of disk space trying to ZIP a file that large.

... Thinkpads_User

hi thinkpads_user,

As I concerned in my question, I also tried to host machine, the CPU usage just only 2-4%.
And the software to ZIP is intergrated software in Windows7.. "Compressed (zip) folder"
Ashok Dewan

If you physical system as 1 cpu with 8 core as i7 processor then Vmware treat those 8 cores as processor may be. I want you to increase number of processors from your Vmware instead of cores.
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Jax Tan


You did not mention if one of the core is showing 100% or multiple cores are doing that.

It would be good if you could provide more information on your virtual and physical machines by capturing the screenshots of the Task Manager during those zipping operations in the vm and posting them here. This information would give us a better idea on your current setup (No of processors and cores per processor).

On a different note, windows 7 zipping operations may not utilize the multi core operation. If you would, you might like to download 7-zip and retry the whole operation. 7-zip allows you to define how many cores to work on the operation.
Nagendra Pratap Singh

change the vm to use just one CPU and try
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)

Reduce the number of Cores to 1 for the VM, you certainly do not need that much CPU resource in a VM.
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>>> software to ZIP is intergrated software in Windows7  <-- Try a trial version of WinZip (that is what I use) or 7-zip as suggested earlier.

Sorry - I missed that you had tried this on the physical machine.

>>> change the vm to use just one CPU and try  <-- If that does not work, set VMware to 1 CPU (probably what you have, but please confirm). Then set the number of cores you have.

... Thinkpads_User

Hi all experts,

I tried to reduce the number of core and it seem ok, but another thing very strange.
So will explain:

Case 1 (old case) : This VM have 4 Processor and 1GB memory
Case 1As you see, CPU usage is 100%

Case 2 (follow to your advises): This VM have 1 Processor and 1GB memory
Case 2The CPU usage has decrease, and round 40% - 70% , memory usage is ~ 300MB

Case 3 (my testing) : This VM have 4 Processor and 2.5GB memory
Case 3The CPU usage is also round 40%-70%, but memory usage is ~ 1.24GB

So can you explain? I also know recognize that the speed to compress is increased
Is it the reason why the usage of processor and memory in case 3 and case 2 same, and case 3 memory higher that case 2

Sorry bout English skill :)

Did you try a ZIP tool as suggested?  It may be a Windows issue interacting in a VM (although I do not know why, and that does not happen to me). But try a separate ZIP tool (even on evaluation) and see if that changes anything. ... Thinkpads_User
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hi thinkpads_user I used 7-zip for these testing, since you can check the pictures

I don't know why 7-Zip would consume so much CPU just because in a VM. I need to do some testing, because I am not seeing something. .... Thinkpads_User

Oh really I posted 3 pictures today in my article.
Do check the attched file again mah, in this commend
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@bmkhoi - Any update?    .... Thinkpads_User
Nagendra Pratap Singh

Zipping the file is a disk i/o heavy activity. Extra CPU maybe used for that.

If you could use passthrough disks then you may get higher performance.

Also my VMs peak to 100% many times when I use a 5 server network on Workstation 8.0 but the usage in the hosting machine (core i3 2100) does not go more than 20% or anywhere near 100%.

@thinkpads_user : I'm clear this issue so thanks
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Thank you. I was pleased to help in any way I could. ... Thinkpads_User