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Ipad 2 Ipad2 with cracked screen - advice? questions about applecare+

I have a 32GB wifi only Ipad2.  2 months left on the 1 year warranty.  I cracked the screen yesterday.  so now what to do?  the LCD and touch are still OK.  I think I could put a screen protector film on it to ensure glass doesn't flake off ( the corner, outside the scren area is thw worst and there's just 2 lines going along the edges of the touch area - the lines aren't in the LCD area much at all.,

Or I could replace the screen - that would cost $200 and I;ll have an ipad2 that's out of warrnty

or sell it broken on ebay.  I could get $150 quick or maybe $200+ with an auction.  But I still want an ipad.  

the 16GB ipdad2 is $400, so sell the old and for $200 I get an  ipad 2 (with only 16gb) with 1 year warranty.

I just learned about the applecare+.  it's not out yet for ipad so I am getting different answers - will you be able to buy it for a new ipod2 that is still for sale? (like iphone 4s and 4.... I hear you can buy it for the 4 / not current iphone version)

and then by extension, will they let you buy applecare+ for previously bought ipad 2s that are still under regular warranty?

any other advice to use as is / fix and keep / fix and sell?

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Well, you could fix it if you're hardware savvy enough to do so.  That being said, see if you can find a way to get it covered under warranty, otherwise it's not really an issue since the warranty is about to expire.  This really becomes a personal choice, what do YOU want to do.  Do you have the time and patience to replace the LCD?  Or do you just want to junk/sell it and buy a new one?
i don't think I could take on fixing it myself.  

What I;d like is a working Ipad at the lowest cost  protection from breakage would be nice.
Chris AshcraftSenior Analyst - Technology
I know this won't help you now, but next time get a SquareTrade Warranty. I got 2 Years w/ ADH for $75. I just cracked my iPad 2 screen a few months ago. I mailed it off and had it fixed within a week. I didn't have to pay a deductable or anything. You can also cancel and get a refund at any time if you decide you don't want it. I definitely recommend it. www.squaretrade.com
ADH? what's that?

I just found out about square trade's warranty for ipads.  I have a Square trade wwarranty on a costco TV. seems too good to be true - a 5 year warranty for not much.  wonder if they will be around in 5 years..  

as for the ipad, they are charging $89 for 2 years with$49 deductible now.

says you have to buy the warrany within 30 days of purchase of ipad.

who's to say when I bought it : )  ?  The serial numbers are relatively sequential, I am sure, so a low numbered serial number being bought recently would raise eyebrows.

I know if I sell this one and get a new ipad2, I'll be signing up for it for the new one for sure.
Chris AshcraftSenior Analyst - Technology

ADH = Accidental Damage from Handling. Covers drops, spills, whatever. Its great because I have small kids.
thanks.  so square trade says in their website they don't ask for serial number? seems like they set themselves up for abuse? but if you get a refurb. machine from apple 'cause of a hardware problem on a recently bought machine, the serial number would likely be older than the machine you bought originally?

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