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I have registered domain 'mycompany.com'. when promoting windows 2003 r2 to a domain controller, what name is requried in the FQDN? e.g. mycompany.com or www.mycompany.com?

Please help.

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mycompany.com is your FQDN
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
It should be Mycompany.com and not www.mycompany.com because www = World Wide Web, this for web server not for domain controller.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
In lots of peoples opinion, NEITHER!!

Using an internet registered domain name is not always a wise thing to do when it comes to naming your internal windows domain.
Better is to use  mycompany.local rather than mucompany.com for your internal windows domain.
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Just what Neilsr said, otherwise you'll run into problems later on.
Did the company you registered "mycomany.com" with provide you with a DNS service? If so you probably can't easily use "mycompany.com" or "www.mycompany.com" as your active directory domain.

When you promote Windows Server to being a domain controller it wants to add a number of "srv" records to the DNS and if the entry for "mycompany.com" is managed by your ISP it won't be able to create these entries.

There are two ways round this. For most folks the simplest thing is to use a different domain. You need to make sure you use something thats  not going to be used as an internet domain, ".local" and ".pvt" are currently "un-allocated" rather than "reserved" so "could" be allocated at a later date. Sadly the only reserverd Top Level Domains (TLDs) are not really usable. see



You could also use a subdomain of your "mycompany.com" e.g. "ad.mycompany.com"

The other solution is to use a "split DNS" where the internal users see different DNS addresses to the external users.

Whilst this sounds complex you probably need to do this any way. You almost certainly have a NATed  internal network that uses private IP addresses, so internal users will need to get 192.168.x.x address as a result of DNS lookups for local hosts...

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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
As suggested by Neilsr, it is better to have different name for internal domain which ends up in .local, .internal, .domain,  e.g .mycompany.local,  mycompany.internal, mycompany.domain

Do not use .com, .net, .org  as it may end up in problems
ayha1999Author Commented:
If I use mycompany.local, is there any problem to use the same Server as Web Server, MS Exchange Mail Server, Blackberry Enterprise Server etc? So users need to access the server from outside or using VPN.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
No this is normal practice.
How many users do you have? Putting WEB and Exchange on the same box isn't normally considered "best practice".  Unless you have Small Business Server Exchange will try and use all the RAM on the box and starve the other applications of resource. One thing to avoid if at all possible is putting Exchange on a Domain Controller.

If you want to run it all on a single physical box consider using a virtualization hypervisor ...
ayha1999Author Commented:
Actually I am not going to use all in the domain controller but just asking the possiblity of running those if I congiure DNS mycompany.local.
All the DNS does is convert a name e.g. mycompany.local , mycompany.com into an IP address e.g.,

So there is no reason why www.mycompany.com can't resolve (point to, lookup to) the same IP address as mycompany.local.

Try pinging "news.eclipse.co.uk" and "news.btinternet.com". I get the same ip address because both eclipse and btinternet use giganews to provide usenet news, even though they are competitors...
ayha1999Author Commented:
Thanks for your participation and support.
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