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timer count coldfusion

i'm developing an online quiz application in cold fusion and want a timer in quiz page. The time value will come from a table. so if quiz time is 1 hour 30 minutes, it will show the 1 hours, 30 minutes and seconds running on quiz page. or if time is  15 minutes then it will show 0 hours 15 minutes and seconds. it will also prompt an alert before ending the timer in last 1 or 2 minute. and so as soon as the times out the quiz page will redirect to results page.  Timer would be in real time like 01:30:23.
hope i've explained it in detail. any help, comments or feedback would be deeply appreciated.
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What you can do is

1. get the timer in seconds from the table and store it in a local javascript variable.

2. Have a method that will display the timer value formatted as required

3. There is a setTimeOut method in javascript that can be used to call call a method every second that will reduce the number of seconds left by one and call the display method again

4. In the same method if the number of seconds left is 60 you can give the alert

5. In the same method if the number of seconds left is 0, you forward to the result page.

Hope this is what you were looking for
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In addition, you should revalidate the time elapsed when the quiz is submitted. Otherwise a user could take as much time as they want by disabling javascript. One approach might be to store an encrypted start time in a form field. Then use it to validate the time elapsed on submission. Or you could log the start times in a db table. Just do not embed the information in plain text or it can be spoofed.

I'd also suggest using a jquery plugin for the timer instead of rolling your own. I haven't used it but this one looks nice.


i'm not very good with javascript and looking for a sample code whch is doing the same function as i'm desiring. Also i've one more issue, which is when user hit submit for each questions form values go to answersubmit page and then redirect back to quiz page. does it will effect the timing code on the quiz page??
Check this code....



var maxTime;
var timeLeft;
var alertwhen = 10; //How many seconds early the alert needs to be given

function startTimer(){

	maxTime = document.timerForm.maxTime.value;
	timeLeft = eval(maxTime);


function checkTimer(){

	if(timeLeft == alertwhen){
		alert('Hurry, Only '+alertwhen+' seconds left!!!');

	if(timeLeft == 0 ) {
		//Submit the form to the next page
		alert('Time UP!!!');
	} else {

		document.getElementById('timeLeft').innerHTML = timeLeft;



<BODY onload="javascript:startTimer();" >
	<form name="timerForm">
	<input type="hidden" name="maxTime" value ="30" />

	Time Left : <SPAN id="timeLeft"></SPAN>


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Also as _agx_ suggested you need to do a double check at the server side.

ok my 2 cents, what if i though the keyboard use the ctrol+o, it will open the file popup and ur timeer will stop



I do appreciate everyone's help, comments and feedback on this question, but unfortunately not getting the solution of my question. So I guess i better go ahead and try to write my own javascript and will post it on this thread. might take a day or two :)
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Sorry for the delay in responding... I've got a deadline to meet and can't work up an example until tomorrow  (if nobody else has answered by then)


thx _agx, i'm also trying to solve this puzzle. Looking forward for your response.


finally i got the solution:

<script type="text/javascript">  
  var hours = 0  
  var minutes = 30
  var seconds = 10
function setCountDown ()
  if (seconds < 0){
      seconds = 59
  if (minutes < 0){
      minutes = 59
  if (hours < 0){
      hours = 23
  document.getElementById("remain").innerHTML = hours+" Hours "+minutes+" Minutes "+seconds+" Seconds";
  SD=window.setTimeout( "setCountDown()", 1000 );
  if (hours == '00' && minutes == '00' && seconds == '00') { seconds = "00"; window.clearTimeout(SD);
               window.alert("Time is up. Press OK to continue.");


<div id="remain"></div>


code helped me to solve the main problem.