Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 And 2010, Is There A Way Or Leans In Order To 'Bookmark' (If That Is The Correct Word Of Choice) A Slide Your Are Looking At Or Where You Left Off If Presenting Many?

Hello. I have a question to ask you.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 versions, is there a way or leans in order to 'bookmark' (if that is the correct word of choice) a slide your are looking at or where you left off if presenting a series of slides in a presentation?

Please explain.

FYI, I am using Windows 7 64-bit operating system if this helps.

Please reply.

Thank you!
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You might need to explain clearly the exact scenario.
If you convert them all to a single DVD Video then it's possible, but possibly unrealistic,
 Let me explain it a little ;
some DVD players that do remember the last played position and can continue won't apply if it's a few days later or if the computer is turned off.

To give you an idea that it is possible
I have a Panasonic Twin high def tuner set top box, with a 350 gig hard drive, inbuilt DVD player and it records whatever I set it to to the hard drive.
This set top box will resume playback from the last place regardless if I turn it off.
All I do is just press play once turned on and it continues from the last position or it asks me to continue or start from the beginning.

That applies to a DVD and also what is on the hard drive.
However I cannot garrantee a stand alone DVD player will provide the same results.
Or the DVD player on your PC, I know the DVD decoder Cyberlink Power DVD can, it does if you have not turned off the computer.
But after you have turned off the computer and then on again I don't remember.
So I think your choices on this are very limited and not a high chance of success unless you have a set top box like mine if you decided to burn all your PPS to a DVD Video.
I cannot put my garrantee on it using other DVR.
Are they PPS powerpoint show  or PPT?
Doesn't really matter
You'll need a tool that converts your PPS/PPT to DVD Video compliant.
WondersharePPT2DVD Pro is one but not free there is a trial that will allow you convert to mpeg for free if you decide to burn to DVD from the trial you will have to put up with the logo of the trial on all the frames in the DVD.

Convert and Burn PPS to DVD for Viewing on TV

Play PPS (PowerPoint Show) on DVD Machine

The other option is to use Windows Live Movie Maker but you would have to start from scratch and insert all the pictures onto it.
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
When you are using a mouse or pointer when presenting, you can right-click in the presentation.  

This menu offers a easy way to jump to another slide (as seen in the image below).

If you just go to one new slide, a second right-click menu will inclulde a option to go to the last slide viewed (returning you back to where you left).
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BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ all that have replied and wish to reply:

Hello. Nice to meet you all.

Thanks for all your comments.

First, I need to be more specific. I usually am and write more. I kept this initial question maybe a little too simple. My apologize. What I was meaning is when I am giving a PowerPoint presentation at a meeting and decide to take a break. Then I come into the room and restart where my presentation left off in front of my colleagues. Instead of hunting through a series of sides, just to restart where I left off. The hardware is often my laptop and a HD video projector on a screen. I can utilize other hardware visual equipment too. Now, I am trying to find a faster means in order to temporary stop and come back to my presentation at a later time. I WILL stop and power down my laptop computer at breaks. It could be an hour or longer.

Now, Merete posted a really good idea about converting the presentation  to a DVD and then utilizing that. I can use the DVD drive on my laptop. Not a problem. I just need a program that maintains the last slide that was viewed in the presentation after I turn my computer off -- whether I convert to DVD or just have some feature or option in PowerPoint that remembers my last slide I left off on. Whether it be an add on to PowerPoint to install that places a hold or bookmark-like thingy at my last slide or some another means.

Yes, DoDahD is correct. I knew that. I think you were thinking 'while' I was giving a presentation to come back to the slide I left off at once I left it. I understand your rationale here since I wasn't clear enough. Like I said, I did provide enough details. My fault. I'm sorry.

I hope this added information helps out JRWilson response too.

Now that I have given more details, I hope those that have already responded you can re-reply with this added important information if you answer is now different in any way from what you already posted if you wish.

Please reply.

Thank you!
Hello Bazingeroo
thank you for adding the details, I hadn't thought of just returning to the previous slide as suggested  by DoDahD  that is really simple for sure.
With the DVD idea once they are converted to mpeg you can keep it on your laptop
and play it in a media player, and pause it at the spot you wish to continue,
Or author it/ burn to DVD video, then you can just pause it till you return, it will nolonger have those slides just a continuous video.
You know pause the DVD.

I tested one of my slideshows that has lots of slides and yes that works.
So just to add to  DoDahD suggestion, what I suggest when viewing your slide and are about to take a break you can either leave it on as it wont close by itself, and put it on a black screen/white screen,  to do this >Display a black screen, or return to the slide show from a black screen on the keyboard >B or PERIOD
 return the slide on page one >on the keyboard  
To go to slide number>> on the keyboard press> number+ENTER

Here is also a few Slide show keyboard shortcuts you can use

Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro
 right clicking then Select number in the slideshow
I have created a macro in powerpoint 2010 that can be used for resuming a slideshow. It makes use of event procedures to store the slideID for the current slide during a slide show. The slideID is stored in the tags object in the activepresentation. When you start a slideshow again you get the question if you want to resume.
I attach a pptm file (without extension, you have to rename it!) so you can examine the code. You should save the file as an AddIn which is necessary for the Auto_Open procedure to run when it is opened. But of course if you wish you can start the sub manually if you wish.
Please tell me how this works for you.

Best regards,

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BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ Stellan (StellanRosengren):

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Thank you very much for your comment.

I am very interested in your answer. I am looking at your macro "PPT-Addin" and I see it in my PowerPoint 2007. Please accept my apologies. I need a little further help here when you said: "You should save the file as an AddIn which is necessary for the Auto_Open procedure to run when it is opened. But of course if you wish you can start the sub manually if you wish.". I am not skilled in this process.

I have attached the file below I see in my Power Point 2007. I am also trying to understand the functionality or how it works as well. I see your knowledge of something I would really like to explore in greater detail.

Please reply.

Thank you!


@ Merete:

Hello again.

Thanks for your comment too.

I see I would need to use the pause while leaving either a DVD player or my laptop still powered ON while on break. I see there is no way around this. I am interested in an alternative StellanRosengren suggests. I like your idea of the back screen.

Thank you!
This is the way it works:
There is a VBA procedure called Auto_Open which starts a kind of "recording" activity so that you can open any presentation and when you start a slideshow it records the current slide inside that presentation. If you save the presentation it will keep the recorded ID for the current slide. Next time you start a slideshow with that presentation you get a question if you want to resume from that slide number.

The reason for calling the procedure Auto_Open is that it will automatically execute when the macro file is open, but ONLY if it is saved as an AddIn (File->SaveAs, select the ppam filetype).
BUT, before you save it as an AddIn you should verify that it is working like you expect. To do that you have to run the procedure Auto_Open manually. Just press Alt-F8 on the keyboard, select Auto_Open and click the Run button. Do not close the macro file. Now you can start a slideshow with any presentation and check how it works. If you need to change the behaviour you can edit the code. It is a very small VBA project. I can guide you how to do that if you wish.

I will come back here in some hours to see if you need more help. Good luck!

BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ Stellan (StellanRosengren):

Hello again.

Thank you for your comment. Just got back to this question/thread now.

Yes, I would greatly appreciate your assistance or guidance on this in terms of steps. I honestly have never been down this path. Something totally new I can learn! It sounds it would work for me.

Please kindly direct me. I would love to learn! :)

Please reply.

Thank you!
Have you tried to run the macro? Does it work the way you want?

First we should try to finalise your question and then I can give you some advice on how you can learn more by looking at the code.

Best regards,

BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ Merete, DoDahD, & StellanRosengren

Hello. I am going to close this thread/question.

I have had some success and issues with the latest answer/solution from StellanRosengren. However, I do see there is potential and I know it will work when I understand more clearly what is going on and what more I need to do. Of the resolutions to this question/thread, StellanRosengren provides me the best solution to this issue. I agree with StellanRosengren’s last comment that this question/thread is evolving and I will re-link this quesiton/thread to another new question/thread soon since I would very much appreciate StellanRosengren’s assistance when he states in his last comment, “...I can give you some advice on how you can learn more by looking at the code.” When the time comes (soon), I will submit an update to this question/thread (if I can) and link the new focus solution to this question/thread to the new question/thread. The only fairest means I can see in order to fully understand StellanRosengren’s answer and solution here before this question/thread gets weedy.

Merete’s solution is the create a CD/DVD of the presentation and pause it when on break ultimately. Yes, it is a solution, but not the best under the conditions for me. I know the DVD player does go into standby mode when the unit is in pause for too long, The only issue is the when it is in standby, I am not sure if it restores the last slide of the PowerPoint presentation when resumed? This may be risky.
None the less, Merete’s answer is a solution. Credit will be awarded for an “Assisted Solution”. Yes, I agree, it is as you stated, “unrealistic” but it is an answer and solution.

DoDahD will get 50 points and “Assisted Solution” for his attempt to provide an answer that could be a solution if he understood the scenario that I really didn’t explain well in my initial question at top.

So, Merete will get 150 points divided between her two comments – both applicable and both Assisted Solutions. 100 for her first comment and 50 for her second comment as supporting. StellanRosengren will get the remaining 300 points. 150 for his first answered comment, and 75 points each for his two supporting follow-ups that are applicable to the solution.

Thank you all for your help!!!

I will be back...
lol thanks very much Bazingeroo
You should consider accounting very nice points distribution.
All the best
Thank you Bazingeroo,

I will try to contribute when you post a follow-up question.

Best regards,

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