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New Web Server running FreeBSD

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Last Modified: 2016-02-10
I am going to be building a new web server that will run under FreeBSD.  The most important aspects will be Apache, PHP and MySQL.

I'm looking for feedback on which motherboard, processor and RAM would make the most sense.  My guess is that I don't need to go too overboard because my major limitation, for the next few years anyway, is the Internet speed going to/from the machine.

Thank you for your input.
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Each one of the releases on this page http://www.freebsd.org/releases/  has a link to Hardware Notes for that release.


Yes, I did read that.  I was looking for the bigger picture, not only the OS.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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bigger picture?  If you mean Apache, MySQL, and PHP and all the supporting drivers, the answer is that they will run where the OS will run.  They are all available for FreeBSD.  In fact the database listings for FreeBSD show several versions of MySQL where most Linux distributions only show the one that came with it.  I didn't check to see if FreeBSD supplies those program as binaries or whether you have to compile them yourself.  The only hardware relevant question is how fast and that is the same as the OS.

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