Hello All,
My Dell Precision T5400 just started crashing once a day, at approximately the same time.
I called Dell, they weren't helpful, told me to reinstall video drivers, which I did. (just because they recommended it doesnt mean that is really the problem of course).


I've attached the minidump file, but I don't know how to read it.

This computer is used for mission critical trading and I obviously can't have it randomly crashing... any/all advice would be greatly appreciated.
I will answer any advice promptly.

Thank you very much!
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We can analyze the minidump but you need to attach it to a comment.
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
Ooops, I thought I did. Running hardware diagnostics now. Will do as soon as hardware diagnostics finished running. (probably about an hour later). Thanks!
PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA errors are usually driver related and relatively easy to resolve. Hope that's the case here.
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tobal99zAuthor Commented:
really? that is good news.... this has been causing me tons of stress.... tests are 74% over....
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
diagnostics taking much longer than I expected (running extended test). Will post mini-dump in the morning. sorry for the delay.
i also advocate diags, but what are you running, and on what disk size?  seems long to me
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Minidumps would be helpful, where are they?
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
Dear All-
here is the long awaited mini-dump file.

Extended hardware diagnostics ran, found NO problems, said everything was ok hardware wise.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a genius will be able to decode this mini-dump file and suggest how to fix...
Faulting module is SYMEVENT.SYS which is part of Symantec (Norton) software. Use info in link to update symevent.sys or just uninstall Symantec (Norton) products and replace with better behaved software such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Crash Dump Analysis is attached.

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tobal99zAuthor Commented:
Thank you for such a fast answer.

Is it highly likely (95%+) that Symantec/Norton is the culprit here?
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
Do you think it is a good plan to completely uninstall NORTON and then reinstall it? (Norton 360)
Essentially 100% certainty that symevent.sys is the culprit based on minidump info.
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
I'm very grateful for your help.
Hope that you are right.

I was on Norton 360 v5, looks like there is a new v6. Instead of uninstalling v5, I will just do the update to v6. Sound reasonable?

Also- Is it possible that the Norton crash is a symptom of some other problem? Or do you think most likely Norton crashed because of a Norton specific problem?
You can try uninstalling and reinstalling. An update may have caused the problem and it may recur when updates are installed. If problem continues, ditch Norton 360 and replace with another AV product. I've already provided my recommendation. Many of us here are not fans of Norton AV products.
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
One more point about the history of all this... I think the problem might be some interaction between Norton 360 and MozyPro... this seems to happen when I have MozyPro running... but I uninstalled MozyPro and it still happened...
I doubt it.
tobal99zAuthor Commented:
You are awesome! Thank you!
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