Disable Clickable Hyperlinks in Outlook in Remote Desktop Services

Hello everyone,

I have an RDS deployment in Server 2008 that includes Outlook as one of the remotely accessible apps.  A problem I'm having is that users are able to click on hyperlinks and open an Internet Explorer session on the server.  Is it possible to disable clickable hyperlinks for all users on on the RDS server?  If it's not possible to do that, is it possible to redirect URL clicks to the desktop, instead of running off the server?

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ottcomputingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up just setting a proxy on IE through Group Policy.

As an aside, if anyone is trying to do that, make sure you use Loopback processing of Group Policy when you apply it to the specific OU using Replace.
You can do it via outlook configuration
Disable all hyperlinks

the users will have to copy the link and open in the browser
ottcomputingAuthor Commented:
Alright, but do I have to change that setting for each user, or will changing it once as administrator change it for all users?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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if all are accessing the same outlook centrally installed then setup on the main outlook and the settings will be reflected to the end users
ottcomputingAuthor Commented:
There is no such setting in Outlook 2010.

Autocorrect settings in Word to disable hyperlinks are only saved per user and don't propagate to all the other logins.
ottcomputingAuthor Commented:
Problem is not as easy as turning off rich-text or html, as the end-user specifically stated they did not want HTML functionality to go away.
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