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Android default music player locks while playing video.

gram77 asked
I have Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100) with Gigerbread 2.3.3 OS

While the Android default music play is running, i cannot use the forward, pause, back buttons since the music player screen shows - a lock sign. So i have to wait until the video is over to listen to a new song.

How can i bypass locking while video is running in Android
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SanthanaTechnical Lead

Hi gram77,

I checked with Samsung Galaxy SII. I could  do the same operations that you mentioned ...
( forward, pause, back buttons ).

Check with different video file. It may be the problem with the video file that you are playing....
Check the details of the media file that you are playing.....It may have different property...


The locking of screen happens randomly, not always.
Technical Lead
Hi gram77,

Check the video file property in which lock sign is visible while playing...
It seems the problem with the video file....


No there is no such property that locks the video

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