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Trying to resolve IP address to URL

My company has just moved our website from our internal server to  a hosting service.  The new website just went live and I am trying to resolve the new website IP address to the website URL.  

All of the computers inside the network can  access the website via the IP address, but cannot resolve using the web address.   When you try to ping www.cdaa.org, I receive the error that the host is not found.   From ISA and the DNS configuration, I have removed all references to the website name, but I still cannot figure out why any of the computers on the private network cannot resolve to the web address.   I have checked the internet and confirmed that both NIC Cards are configured correctly.  This problem only exists with this one website address.  All other websites are accessible.

The error received is: 11001 Host not found
Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Any advice would be much appreciated.  
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What is your internal domain name?
Is it the same - cdaa.org?
If it is you will also need to enter to your DNS servers A record for www.cdaa.org, that points to external IP address.
DebbieHamataniIT Specialist I


You are my hero....it worked like a dream!

Glad to help you.

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