Appointments forward 1 hour Outlook 2010 and webmail only - not outlook 2003

Hi I just did upgrade of Exchange 2007 to sp3 - on the CAS and mailbox servers. The CAS is on a different hardware box than mailbox server. i was hoping sp3 would fix problem - it didnt

both run win2003 x64 sp2 - and have the dst wa timezone patch - yes im in Perth WA - damn it - lol

Im lost as to what to do next - ive checked all time zone settings - time etc etc - all seems correct. - HELP!!! - because its outlook web access and Outlook 2010 only - it tells me issue is with the CAS server - but what???
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Has the DST Patch been applied to all the servers and all the Client PCs?
check windows time/date, on the client pc.
i had the same issue, and it turns out in windows 7 the "automatically change time for DST" was unchecked.  outlook compensated for this by moving all the appointments by 1hr forward.
philb19Author Commented:
hi thanks - no on client pc its unticked on all PC's - and thats what it should be.

this is verrified by - outlook 2003 times are all correct. - the daylight saving period here in Perth WA is complete (n daylight saving) - anyone esle - other ideas please?

dst patch was put on all - when we had ds - a year or 2 ago
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dst patch was put on all - when we had ds - a year or 2 ago

There have been updates to this as early as Dec 2011
Might check that they dont need another update again
philb19Author Commented:
apache09 - awesome - is this a dst patch for Western Australian time zoen - Perth?

Would you be able to send link?
Heres the 2007 DST Updates that include w. aus that was revised in Oct 2011

Also see the DST  help and Sup[port Centre

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philb19Author Commented:
thanks when you say it was revised in Oct 2011 - do you have that link? ive installed the 07 one - ive foundthe dec 2011 patch - but not sure if its the right one. - Also if it does cause problem - am i right in saying I can uninstall?
philb19Author Commented:
AM I correct in saying that outlook 2010 uses the CAS for calander info - different than outlook 2003 - if wrong - why are outlook 2003 meetings all ok - and outlook 2010 and outlook web access(uses CAS) appointments out by 1 hour? -
Philb19, just for fun try ticking the auto daylight savings on the client pc. Does it move any time entries?

Also if you open the calendar appointment are the details showing the correct time, but showing wrong on the calendar view?

Lastly, outlook 2010 is connecting directly? Like outlook 2003?
philb19Author Commented:
Solved - My thinking was wrong in that it was more the Clients (win7 winxp etc) that needed the December 2011 cumalitive Time zone patch installed not perhaps the exchnage servers - strange that outlook 2003 was ok - but when outlook 2003 invited to a outlook 2010 - the time showed 1 hour out in the outlook 2010 email - but went into the calander correctly - anyway after installing the patch on both clients   The problem was solved - thanks for help
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