seatools disk diagnostic from seagate dosent reconize seagate disk on dell power edge R710

i am suspected of one or more discs that loctaed on my Dell power edge r710 (with raid controller)
when i run the self test boot disc i got massage with failed to reconize disc

any idea

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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Are the drives "Dell" Seagate drives or are they generic/retail Seagate drives?  If Dell, then use the 32-bit Diagnostics (bootable) to test the drives - the Seagate drives used for Dell servers has a special firmware on it that the Seagate tool may not recognize.
What type of drive?


If it's SATA,it needs to be on a regular SATA  controller,not RAID.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
If SeaTools has that limitation, then your only option will be to use the Dell diagnostics.
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Most manufacturers stand alone diags require require a generic attachment as the ECC and firmware  in RAID  controllers can mask hardware issues.
The reason it won't work is that the software can't drill inside the RAID controller to see the actual disk drive.  Seatools requires the disks to be on a non-RAID controller.  

It has nothing to do with OEM limitations on make/model strings.

If you want to run seatools, then you are going to have to shut the system down, remove the HDD, and attach it to a JBOD SAS or SATA controller.  (Not even a USB-attached enclosure)

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Seatools does work with USB these days.
So that limitation is no longer relevant.
Only with a small number of USB enclosures.  The reason is that there a numerous vendors of enclosures, all using different bridge chips that translate the commands.

A HDD attached to a USB controller "speaks" SCSI commands, while a HDD attached to IDE/ATA/SATA speaks the ATA spec commands.

There is not a 1:1 translation, and both vendors-specific, and ANSI-defined methods of encapsulation.   Some chips don't even offer a means to do either.  No matter what, there are so many vendors and vendor-specific methods, it is just impossible to keep up.

So if you have an enclosure that actually works, then you got lucky.

(Take this from somebody who writes diagnostics professionally, and has had discussions with numerous bridge chip vendors getting APIs and methods of encapsulation ... it is an awful mess.  Also some products don't even offer method to return some of the error bits, and they also mess with timing.)

As such, even if you have the HDD in a USB enclosure, your results are suspect.
Seagate says they will support USB (their own and 3rd party enclosures) with their Seatools and this is documented on their site.

You stated no USB support as an absolute,which is incorrect.

As for USB and different vendors implementations,I've seen some very stupid engineering methodology from MAJOR vendors that make you go WTF?

About 2 or 3 years ago,I had a customer that had a hard disk that was going bad in a small form factor laptop.

Sony does not do field service on those small systems and they need to be sent in for repair(San Diego 1 week turnaround).
I convinced the vendor that sold it to them to replace it as they had facilities close by.

He opened the system and lo and behold,the SATA boot disk was connected to the MOBO through USB!

All i/o was through the same USB  buss.

No wonder the system was such a dog!
I stand corrected.  Yes, they support USB certainly in their own external enclosures...
Got another one for you, I've opened up Seagate external USB-attached enclosures, and have found WD disks drives in them ;)

Seagate buying WD disks?  Yep.
Better than Maxtors.
Seagate owns Maxtor ;(
WanovaAuthor Commented:
Seagate support give me the reasone why is didnt work for me

work only with sata no raid card
WanovaAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

the only correct answer i got from seagate support <br /><br />none of the expers anwers was invalid<br /><br />Eli,
WanovaAuthor Commented:
Wanova requested that this question be closed by accepting Wanova's comment #37770333 (0 points) as the solution for the following reason:

the only correct answer i got from seagate support

none of the expers anwers was invalid

WanovaAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

the only correct answer i got from seagate support <br /><br />none of the expers anwers was invalid<br /><br />Eli,
I object. The correct answer is #37707532.  It won't work, because of the reason described. The software is not designed to drill behind RAID controller. It is easy to prove this, because in order to drill behind a PERC controller, the developer has to use the LSI megaraid API (which the PERC card is), and the DLLs for pass-through programming are not part of the sea tools distribution.

As such, it isn't possible for the seagate app to do this.  (Furthermore, even if the DLLs were there, the LSI firmware won't support all the necessary commands because it would lock up the controller to begin with)
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